Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We have Gas!

When we built our home, either a wood burning stove or a gas stove were on our list of "want to have", but not on "need to have".  We wanted to include some sort of fireplace when we built our modular home. However, we decided to leave certain inclusions until a later date, because we didn't want them included in our mortgage payment. One year later, and with, dare I say it, winter approaching, we decided to finally look into having one or the other installed.

We made a decision on that guy.  It's a medium size and will be installed in the corner of our living room on a pretty stone pad.  We decided to go with gas, rather than wood burning for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, although we LOVE the smell and sounds of a real fire (who doesn't?) we don't love cutting up wood, lugging it in the house, or the risk of fire.  We have 3 kids still at home, a dog, a cat, and, let's be honest, we have this guy:

Mr. Perfect, the 4 year old, isn't steady on his feet all the time, especially when he's flying around the living room at 60 mph, and because he frequently spends time upside down, climbing walls, and has an uncanny knack for mischief...  Even though the gas stove will be hot, at least it won't be spitting red hot embers.

Another reason we chose the gas fireplace is because when it's 10 below, which it will be soon, gas stoves heat up quickly, and at the flick of a switch.  Gas will heat our open plan downstairs much more efficiently than wood.  As an alternate heat source, the gas stoves are backed up by battery, so if we lose power (a given), we will at least have some heat.

There you have it!  Decision made, soon we will have gas (even more than usual!).  And the installer is coming in 10 days!  I can't wait to have pictures of our new gas stove installed, and me all warm and cozy next to it!

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