Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Face it! It's Fall.

Yesterday I happened to be in Wally World, trying to focus on my task at hand, when I noticed a display promoting flu shots.   What?!  And this morning my kids went back to school.   What's happening?!  To further my confusion, I pulled in the driveway after dropping the kids, and noticed a whole tree, the whole thing, is orange.

Ugh.  With a capital U.  I guess there's really no denying it - it's fall y'all.  Part of me wants to cry, the other part wants to throw something in the crock pot, curl up with a book, and mentally wave goodbye to mosquitoes, sunscreen, and quite frankly, burgers.  I do know we'll have a few beautiful summer days, maybe even manage to get out on the lake a time or two, but our days are truly numbered.

Don't get me wrong.  Fall is okay.  However, in Central New York, Fall equals IMPENDING WINTER.  But let's not go there, I'm starting to get hives just thinking about it.

Ready or not, I suppose I have to make a small effort to welcome in the changing season.  I'm not saying I can handle pumpkins and gourds, corn stalks and scarecrows, and mums in every corner.   But I guess I could make a teeny tiny little effort.  After all, my hanging baskets look like something out of "The Living Dead" - they're still hanging there, but the life has left.   Not to mention, the pansies look like a some sort of sick Halloween prank.

So, that being said, here are a couple of things I could consider...

Loving and old post from Thrifty Decor Chic with window boxes.  I am definitely going to borrow this idea:

Or these mum "stuffed" pumpkins, photo by Amber Bordelon, are really cute.  I would probably use fake pumkins from the dollar store so that I don't have to deal with them molding and mutating on me.

Pinned Image

And from nowserveme.wordpress.com, I love the lighted branches and gourds (I already have a few strands of lighted branches):

Pinned Image

Similarly, like this vase from Pinterest:

Pinned Image

Dried beans and berries - cheap and cheerful:

Fall Fill

And also this from budgetwisehome.com.  You could do the wax paper trick to preserve the leaves before you put them in a vase.

All in all, it's not too terribly ambitious, but baby steps people.  I'm mourning the loss of summer.