Saturday, September 15, 2012

Easiest curtains ever

Just a couple of pictures of the easiest way to make curtains for a small window.

We have a small window over our kitchen sink, which was only 29" across.  We have neighbors who live really close to that window, so we needed some privacy.  NO, I'm the worst liar!  There's not a sole out there.  Just woods.  I wanted curtains there to let in the light, but that I could close when I am feeling like goblins or bad guys are looking in at me while I do the dishes!   Sad, but true.

I found some pretty cloth napkins at Pier1, that were just a couple of bucks each, got a tension rod and curtain clips (in white to blend in with my white woodwork), and hung them up.


Easy fix.  Under $10.  (Would have been less if I used pretty kitchen towels or napkins I already own).  Looove cheap, almost free, fixes. :-)


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