Saturday, September 28, 2013

How To Paint Kitchen Chairs

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Back in my youth, I got my first kitchen table and chairs. I thought the chairs were so cool with natural wood seats and green legs and backs. I still have them. Now I don't think they're so cool, but I just can't bring myself to get rid of them.

They've made lots of moves with us, only to inevitably find the way to "basement status".  Today is no different - the table holds all sorts of Big A's manly stuff - like coffee cans full of assorted nuts and bolts, rolls of wire, tools, empty monster cans...

And although the chairs are still completely functional and sturdy, being frugal, they keep getting moved from storage area to storage area (read: being cheap, I shove them in various corners of the basement, rather than, say, giving them to charity).

However, cheap as I may be, I still wanted to dress them up so I painted them black. Now they'll look pretty in the corner of the basement.
Here they are in the back yard looking all green and boring (with that creepy wheelbarrow trying to sneak up on us).

First, I wiped them down really well with a damp cloth, and let them dry. I then brushed on a quick coat of Kilz primer.
Now don't try to live on the edge, like me, and paint the tops first. Tip your chairs upside down and paint the bottoms first, and then flip them and paint the tops. This way you don't ding the paint or primer on the top while you paint the bottom.
Next I let them sunbathe for a couple of hours until they were good and dry. (Thank goodness that wheelbarrow took off). 

Meanwhile, I decided to spray paint them, rather than paint them. I decided to use spray paint because with spray paint you're less likely to get brush marks or drips. I had to give them two good coats, and a very minimal third coat just to "touch up".
Once they were dry, I painted on a little gold glitter along the front - no reason, just because they're my chairs, and I can.
Okay, time to take 'em back down to the basement. Sad, isn't it? I still can't bring myself to get rid of them. (And I make fun of Big A for being a hoarder!)


Donna Wilkes said...

At least the chairs felt some love! I have furniture in my attic that is no longer used, but I cannot throw them out.

Amy@BuffaloRoam said...

I painted a set similar to these turquoise for our last house, but I'm not feeling it in the new one and I can't decide what to do with them! This black does look pretty sassy though!

Unknown said...

Donna - yes, at least they got a little attention!

Amy - I remember your turquoise chairs! Maybe do some sort of ombre thang...


Unknown said...

Great idea, I hav similar ones all black but need repainting. Thanks

Krista Aasen said...

I have these same chairs (or nearly the same) and am in process of painting them white. I say in process because two out of four are done... and for some reason I can't get myself to get back to that job. oh well - one day. Yours turned out so well!! Maybe I can reinspire myself!!

Unknown said...

Hi Krista, yes they took many years before I got "inspired". Now it's too little too late for mine! LOL! Good luck!

Thanks for stopping by Stacey.


Korrie@RedHenHome said...

The chairs look so much better now! I imagine you will find more excuses for bringing them out and using them now that they are freshened up a bit.