Thursday, September 6, 2012

Minty Fresh!

Well, this is just a quick post, cuz we've been doing nothing but weeding.  And quite frankly, I've pretty much exhausted that subject!  I know you are rolling your eyes, and you get the drill, but in case you need a refresher course:  bend over, pull out weeds, throw weeds in wheel barrow, dump weeds in hedge row.....  repeat 32 thousand times.

Anyway, just so I don't leave you with nothing today, let me give you a little tip I just found today.

I was digging in my jewelry box looking for a bracelet, and found the one I wanted, but it was badly tarnished.  I looked in all the usual spots for my silver cleaner - in the junk drawer, under the sink, in the bathroom, in the freezer (you never know where I put things, just ask Big A)...  Nuttin!  So I googled "cleaning silver", and on the first website I opened, I mean, after hours of research, I found a website that said to use toothpaste.

Well, I have toothpaste!  So I grabbed my tube of Arm and Hammer Whitening and  slathered some on.  I let it sit for an hour, and  then wiped it off, rinsed and dried it.  It works!


And to top it off, I'm pretty happy with my toothpaste choice cuz if it works that well cleaning silver, just think how clean my teeth are!  PLUS, now not only is my breath minty smelling, so is my left wrist.   It's a win-win!

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