Monday, February 17, 2014

Burlap Wall Art Tutorial

I really liked the silhouette that I made for my sister HERE. So, I used the same moose head silhouette and traced it onto a piece of burlap. And then I used craft paint and filled in the outline. 

And there it sat. For about a month. On my kitchen counter. 

I periodically moved it from spot to spot. 

I just couldn't think of what to do with it... I have a lot of pallet wood and could make a frame. I could somehow glue it onto a lampshade. Maybe make a wood sign for outside. I could sew or fabric glue it onto a pillow... 

The indecision finally drove me to make a decision. 

I found an old painting from the thrift store for $1.50, it was on canvas but had a rip and was generally in poor condition. I bought it for the frame, but I realized I'm able to use the canvas for the frame. 

I decided to cover the canvas, in order to used the frame. So I ripped an old white pillowcase open to fit around the frame of the canvas. I wrapped it like you'd wrap a present, and used a staple-gun to staple it to the back of the canvas frame, so that the original "art" wouldn't show through. 

(I trimmed the extra fabric.)

Next I used some burlap and cut that into a large rectangle. You will see that I eventually used three different textures of burlap. 

To cut evenly, you pull one of the burlap threads (see below). 

When the thread is removed, it leaves a perfectly straight space, that you can follow to cut. 

Once that rectangle of burlap was cut I wrapped the canvas again, and stapled it on the back side too. I followed this with a line of hot glue all around the underside edge ~ just to make sure it stayed in place.

I then just layered two smaller rectangles of burlap, one of which had the moose head on it. 

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I used a pop top to hang. To do this, just pull the top off of the can, and glue gun it centered on the back of the picture you're hanging. I use a large amount of glue - just in case!

Now the moose is hanging in my dining room. I'm (surprisingly) indecisive as to whether it will stay there! :)

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Here he is in the dining room... 

burlap craft, sillhouette craft, DIY wall art, wall art

And here he is in the kitchen...

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What do you think?

Are you in the market for some burlap?

I just bought a 24' roll for under $10! (I have Amazon Prime, so the shipping is free too...) Just click the link below...

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Christine at Little Brags said...

very creative!!!! looking good!!!

Susan at said...

can lids for hangers! brilliant!

Love your moose, it is a super awesome wall hanging and use of burlap. :)

The Tally Tales said...

How creative, Julia! I love this! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Christine! Thankyou for popping by!

Susan - yeah, I love pop tops! Thanks x

Leslie I'm glad you came by my blog!


Unknown said...

He looks so good in the kitchen and the dinning room. Maybe make another one :) Using a soda can top, I've got to remember that one. Thanks for sharing :)

Heather {Woods of Bell Trees} said...

This is so cute! I just adore moose, they are adorable! Awesome idea for the pop top!

Shelly said...

Adorable and easy enough!! Good tutorial!

Unknown said...

Thanks Meg! Now I'm thinking I might move him to our bedroom... I don't know!

Heather, glad to have you stop by!

Thanks Shelly!


Shannon {Cozy Country Living} said...

This is really cute! I just might have to make one for my house now:)

laniebp said...

I did almost exactly the same thing only my canvases were purchased ....I painted them gold and then printed out a couple of owl pics that I had saved on my computer ........I printed them on tissue paper. I put a square of burlap on the painted canvas, sprayed it with spray glue, and put the tissue on top of that. I was not crazy about the way it looked so put trim around the pic too. Email me if you would like to see it

Unknown said...

Would love to see your project Laniebp!!!

Shannon, if you make something similar, be sure to share!


Roberta said...

Hi Julia,
I came from Throwback Thursday linky party! Wonderful idea!!! Beautiful silhouette!
Have a nice weekend,
Roberta La Sportina

Nici @ Posed Perfection said...

Love this project! Thanks for sharing with us!

Unknown said...

Hi Roberta - thank you so much!

Nici, thank you for coming by!


stormieariel said...

Hi! I love how creative you were with this project. I think he looks amazing in both places but I favor him in the dining room more so.
BTW, I'm visiting from Marvelous Monday.