Saturday, February 22, 2014

Paint Swirl Vases

Clear glass is so fun and easy to paint. With this paint swirl method, you can use any colors you like, which makes it easy to match any decor. Plus with this method for painting glass, you don't even need a paint brush. 

DIY painted glass, paint swirl vases, painted glass

Last week I made faux milk glass HERE. This is essentially the same idea. To make this vase, you use the same technique, only you add another paint color (or two). Look what happens! I think it look so pretty!

Pick out two acrylic paint colors.

Pour in about 1/8 cup of your first color of paint in the bottom of your vase.

My first color was white, and I swirled this around until about half of the inside of the glass was white. Be sure to swirl slowly. If you go to fast, the paint will drip all over. There was still some clear showing when I tipped out any excess white paint.

You can tip it onto newspaper, or paper towel - whatever you don't mind throwing away. I tipped mine right into the sink, and washed the excess paint right down the drain. I have a stainless sink, but I don't know if you'd do this with ceramic...Then I added the second color.

I swirled the glass with the two colors and they mixed into one another. When I was happy with how it looked, I tipped the painted vase upside down and let the excess paint drain again.

After it had dripped for a while, I turned it right side up and wiped down the rim with a damp paper towel, to remove any excess paint.

DIY painted glass, paint swirl vases, painted glass

I then left the paint swirl vase to dry overnight. 

I'm using these as candle holders, but you could use your vases, depending on the shape, to hold dried flowers, or decorative sticks, or just on their own. (Don't put water in them though!) 

You can see in this picture below, how cool it looks even from the inside! 

DIY painted glass, paint swirl vases, painted glass

Since I keep buying vases at the dollar store - several more painted vases look likely in my future. Don't you think these would be perfect as gifts?

Keep in mind that you can't use this glass for eating or drinking. Nor is it dishwasher (or hand washing) safe. 

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Marisa said...

Found this on the Link It or Lump It Party--love this! It definitely looks like you picked it up at some art gallery! :)

Heather {Woods of Bell Trees} said...

This is so pretty, the mix of paint colors give an expensive look!

Krista said...

Found you on marvelous Mondays! Love this idea! I think I'll grab my niece and nephew and do these this summer :)

Unknown said...

Marisa and Heather - thank you! I love them and they do look pretty "fancy" LOL especially next to my jute and twine vases!

Krista, it would be a perfect project to do with kids!


Marti @ SewLicious Home Decor said...

What a creative idea! Thank you for sharing it with us...pinned to the party board.


Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

Love this idea! We tried swirling paint inside ornaments for Christmas and liked that.

Thanks for linking up at Motivation Monday!

Michelle said...

Really pretty and a great gift idea! Thanks for linking it up with us at LOBS!