Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blueberry Filled Cupcakes

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Hello there everyone! 

Recently I was browsing ideas for a quick dessert for my kids, and came across a cupcake recipe that I wanted to share with you! You HAVE to see the pictures! DROOL!

It's called Fresh Blueberry Pie Cupcakes  from Sewlicious ~ and her pictures looked so good, I had to make them immediately. BUT. I didn't have the main ingredients. And it was snowing. 

I did what any good mother and wife would do. 

I sent a text to my husband who was at work: 

Honey. Please stop at the store. Get yellow cake mix, and a can blueberry pie filling. STAT!

blueberry cupcakes, blueberry filled cupcakes, cupcake recipes

Just like a baking superhero, I had dessert made less than an hour later. 

These cupcakes are so cute, and perfect for impressing your kids! They have a buttery graham cracker base, a light fluffy cake exterior, and a fruity blueberry middle ~ topped off with a creamy frosting. Heaven. 

(For the full recipe, please go visit Sewlicious HERE.)

I made two changes out of necessity ~ 

1. The recipe calls for the cupcakes to be topped with meringue. It looked so pretty, but I'm not fond of meringue, so it was necessary for me to use cream cheese frosting. Store bought. 

2. Dutifully, Big A did pick up a yellow cake mix, but it was lemon flavored. It was a happy mistake, because it tasted great with the blueberry filling. I haven't even tried this with plain yellow cake yet. 

So, my version was a cheap imitation of the original, but still. If you want an easy but fun dessert for your family or a get together, this is it! 

Try it! You'll like it! 

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Marti @ SewLicious Home Decor said...

LOL Men are so funny...that is so funny he picked up a yellow lemon cake!!! I have to say tho....I LOVE the lemon version....that sounds sooo delicious! I think that's going to have to be my next post!! :) Glad you liked them and that they turned out yummy! Marti

Unknown said...

Marti ~ They are truly yummy! I wish mine LOOKED as good as yours! :) But like I said, mine were the cheap imitations! Thank you for an awesome recipe. Julia

Susan at said...

omg! I might like these! :)

Unknown said...

My son and father love blueberries. I always bake for my dad for fathers day and this will be perfect! I am pinning this for later.

Unknown said...

SUSAN!!! And, then the heavens opened and the trumpets sounded.... LOL!!! Finally something you like! I'm sooo happy!

Amanda, they are fun and delicious! I hope your Dad and son enjoy them!


Agos said...

Yummy! I love that they have a lot of filling. And I'm sure the lemon cake worked even better than the yellow one :)

nandoos kitchen said...

Lovely and tasty cupcakes.

Unknown said...

They were grat Agos - I do like lemon, but my hubby did not! He wants to make the yellow cake. :)

Thank you for stopping by! Julia