Tuesday, February 25, 2014

15 TIPS to Decorate on a Budget

decorate on a budget, DIY tips, budget craft supplies

Decorating your home on a budget is easier than you may think. You don't have to be an interior designer, super handy or even artistic. You just have to have a little inspiration, a willingness to get a little messy - and perhaps a glass of wine hot cup or coffee.

Inspiration is the easy part!

  • Blogs
  • Pinterest
  • HGTV
  • Decor catalogs
  • Online Decor magazines
  • "Window Shopping"

Once you've got lots of awesome ideas, you're going to need supplies, and I have a few tips on finding them, and how to save money on all kinds of decor and craft supplies.

Here are 15 TIPS for buying craft and art decor supplies - CHEAP.

1. Home Depot and Lowe's paint stores sell the OOPS paint - cheap! Oops paint is paint that was mixed up to a certain color and either a customer didn't like it or never showed to pick it up. At Home Depot this week I got two really pretty colors of paint in sample size (about a cup of paint) for .50 cents each. You can get gallons for a couple of dollars. Stop by the paint sections and ask for the OOPS paint when you're shopping.

2. Again with Home Depot and Lowe's - If you're buying wood, big box stores will cut wood for free for you, or for a very nominal fee. JUST ASK. Check back by where they cut wood for customers for free. They usually have lots of scrap wood, which can be free. JUST ASK! 

3. The Dollar Store - I used to be a DSS (Dollar Store Snob). I wouldn't set foot in one, but now I might possibly be their #1 shopper. The dollar store is perfect to stock up on: glass vases, mugs, plain white plates, glass beads, "silk" flowers and greenery, contact paper, anything - just wander around!

4. Garden Centers (especially in Lowe's and Home Depot). Jute and twine and burlap. Huge rolls of burlap are available in garden centers - cheap! Same with jute and twine. There's no need to pay big money at fabric stores.

5. Fabric - for small-ish sizes, check fabric remnants. Fabric remnants are always marked down and usually large enough to use when making pillow covers, seat covers, and smaller projects. Also, don't forget to ask clerks when the 50% off the red tags are for great deals on the best fabrics.

6. Pallet wood is always hot. But it's not as easy as it sounds to pick up pallet wood. But if you know someone getting work done on their home, or an appliance delivered - these things are usually delivered on pallets, so ask to keep the pallets that most people throw away. Pallets = free wood.

7. Thrift stores - mason jars, cutting boars, lamps, picture frames, canvases (you can paint over)... these are the things I always look for.

8. Garage sales - Of course you love garage sales! Furniture, mirrors, frames ~ just be sure to look for good "bones".

9. Acrylic paint, spray paint, glitter etc... Michael's, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby. Check the websites for coupons - NEVER go without one! (Or get the app for the stores so that you always have the weekly discount code right on your phone.)

10. ALWAYS sign up for email alerts for your favorite stores. Even the dollar store has a mailing list. This way you will see the special mark downs and be able to add your coupon. When I'm in the market for canvases - I wait until they're on sale, and use a 40% coupon and pay very little!

11. To save indirectly (read; gas), I rarely make special trips to specific stores. Frequently I ride with my husband when he has an errand at one of the big box stores, and then check the paints and wood scraps while I'm there. If I'm at the grocery store, the dollar store and thrift store are on my way home. You get the idea.

12. Amazon. This is a post in itself. BUT, one trick I love is this: If you want something but it's not on sale, simply add it to your cart, but don't pay for it. Check your cart once in a while and if the item goes on sale, you will get an alert with the new price!

13. If you need fabric, do you have old sheets, curtains, blankets, shirts etc.? Maybe the pattern is perfect for what you need, and you don't need to buy fabric at all.

14. EVERYONE has junk they don't want. Just let your family and friends know what you're in the market for. I just scored a beautiful old mirror that my parents gave me. My mother in law gave us a head board, which I plan to re-finish in the Spring.

15. Rather than buy fiber filling, use old pillows (of your own) for the stuffing, or to re-cover. (I'm not suggesting you use other peoples pillows, NO! Dust mites and drool! I only tolerate my own dust mites and drool).

Tell me your tips on finding craft and DIY supplies! I would love to add them to the list!

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decorate on a budget, DIY tips, budget craft supplies


Rea Alducente said...

A lot of the stores are in the US but I love the tips! I'm in the Philippines :) I'm a sucker for cheap deals and I love thrift stores!!

Michelle said...

These are awesome tips! I am pinning this and sharing! I never would have thought to buy twine and burlap from the garden center instead of the fabric store. So smart! Visiting from LOBS!

Unknown said...

Thank you for stopping by Rae! I loooove thrift stores too!

Thank you MIchelle ~ glad I could give you a tip!


Denyse @ Glitter, Glue, Paint said...

Great tips, Julia! If you have twine and burlap you can do all things...LOL

Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.


Unknown said...

Great tips! Right now everything I do is on a budget and this house could really use some decorating!

Anonymous said...

LOve these tips! So helpful and useful! Thanks for linking up to our Weekend Wind Down Party last week!

Unknown said...

Denyse ~ Yes burlap and twine! And don't forget a glue gun!

Thank you all for stopping by! I hope some of the tips are useful.


Melissa French - The More With Less Mom said...

Wow this post has a lot of good tips. Hello from Thrifty Thursday.