Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Soakin' Wet

It's time I made a new to-do list, but this one needs to be a mini-to-do.  With our new home, not only do we have lots of large projects to accomplish, but also about 8 billion mini projects that keep getting pushed to the bottom of the list.  For the last couple of weeks it's been 95+ degrees, and so I decided it's time to tackle some little tasks that don't take a lot of energy on my part.

One thing that has been driving me to distraction is watering.  Luckily we have city water and are not on a well, because I have been a watering fool.  Since I got a ton of new plants for my birthday, I happen to know we haven't had any substantial rain since at least June 26th!  SO, I've been watering for about 2 hours every morning, in the baking sun and heat.  And then one humid morning, in a rare moment of clarity, it struck me, like a lightening bolt from the non-existent thunderstorm we desperately need,  "SOAKER HOSE" ! 

The cost is minimal, only $15, but the time savings is phenomenal!  You just hook it up to your garden hose, wind it around your plants and turn on the water.  Not only does it save time, it saves water, and therefore, saves money.  Not to mention, one doesn't have to lug around a hose or watering can anymore!   I'm free!   I feel like that lady from the swiffer commercial "I'm gonna drink this... on the porch!"  And now I can, drink my coffee on the porch, rather than carry it around in one hand with the hose in the other.


The soaker hose really only works on flat areas of the garden.

The lines of the hose should be 18 inches apart if you are winding it around plants. You can use landscaping U hooks to keep the hose in place.

Hook the soaker hose up to the outdoor faucet, or hook it to a garden hose to extend your reach.

Do not bury the soaker hose, but you can cover it with mulch.

Water for at least 30 minutes to allow the water to get down to the plants roots.

Clean and store the soaker hose during the winter, especially if you live in snow country!

I bought a 75 foot hose, which works amazingly!  If you want to order the soaker hose I bought, click here!  Or click the link at the top right of this page.