Friday, July 13, 2012

Dog days of summer

Hello there!  We have been camping, and in my little world, I thought I would be able to use my laptop in the middle of the woods, which were in the middle of nowhere!  Um, well, that's my inner blonde showing through!  So, sorry I haven't been able to post.  Not much has changed, it's still HOT, and my to do list is still there... I know cuz I checked.

It's been over 2 weeks, with no rain, and 90 degree temperatures in our neck of the woods, so watering my new garden has been job # 1 around here.  While we were away my parents stepped in and watered like mad, for which I owe them in a big way!  As discussed earlier, watering new plants is essential, and with this drought, I don't see much relief in the near future.  For the smaller plantings, I'm using empty gallon jugs with little holes poked in the bottom, and letting the plants get a slow soaking that way.  The larger plants I have to water with the hose.  The whole process takes about 2 hours!

My dog, Winnie the "soon to be a very sorry dog", has had other ideas for the garden, which include digging and chewing up the plants. Therefore, I've been doing a little research about keeping a dog out of the garden.  Needless to say, most of these suggestions are much nicer to the offending dog, than I would like to be right now!

- My first thought is to sprinkle the garden area with chili powder mixed with mustard powder.  Dogs do not like the spicy hot scent or taste.  However, if it ever rains, this will just wash away.

- Apparently, used coffee grounds deter dogs and other critters.  I guess the bitter taste is unpleasant.  AND, the grounds are good for the plants.  I'm definitely going to use my used grounds around the area my pooch likes to dig.

- Sour apple products and sprays from a pet store.  Honestly, I  have a few of these products that I use in the house, to keep the cat from scratching and the dog off the furniture.  Although the products do work to some extent, they are expensive and seem to wear off quickly.





- The last idea is this: an ultrasonic dog deterrent.  The reviews on Amazon are pretty good, and I think that for $20 I may give this  a try. I've put a link at the top right of the page if you want to check it out!

So, until I get delivery of the ultrasound gadget, I will be sprinkling the area with chili, coffee and mustard - sounds like I could also add a pork tenderloin to the mix and have a pretty darn good dry rub too!  Anyway, I will let you know what happens, and if the dog apologizes.  She sure looks sorry in her crate!