Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh, the pain!

Yesterday was a super busy day.  Laundry, gardening, watering, moving stuff around...  While I moved stuff around, (you know, as you do), I somehow managed to "drop" my giant gas grill on my little toe (don't ask).  All I can tell you is, that smarts!  And because of the toe injury, today I'm hobbling around...  kind of taking it easy and sitting on the sofa enjoying the view:

As I sat there and daydreamed, the dog and cat were fighting playing well together,

but I had to sit up a little straighter, to tell them to settle down, and guess what caught my eye and disturbed my zen view!

Darn it!  Big A is out there making me feel guilty for slobbing around!  I guess it's the least I can do to get up and help!

So while I get busy permanently staining my fingers black, I thought I'd post some pix of the kids rooms that, at the kids request, we painted bright blue.  I haven't really done much to their rooms yet, and they are still a work in progress, but I like how the blue paint came out!

The above is my teen daughter's room.  She chose the blue/grey/silver theme to copy "The Iconic Boyz" colors.  If you don't have a teen daughter, The Iconic Boyz are a dance group from American Best Dance Crew, and are, apparently, gorgeous!

They may be a teenage dream, but you can't convince me that any 12 year old has abs like that!   Anyway, I digress....  When she chose the blue, I just bit my tongue.  But now I think it looks okay.  We kept two walls white, which looks a little less, well, blue.  I even found Iconic Boyz grey/silver curtains (ha ha! Shower curtains!) on sale that fit the bill.

Now, my teen son, is a huge Chelsea (soccer team) fan.  And as luck would have it, the blue is the same color as the blue in my daughters room!  Hooray for that little coincidence!

(His curtain is a Chelsea flag, hung up with curtain rod clips.)

Anyway, there are the blue bedrooms.  Until I get the energy to do something crafty, DIYish, or home improvementy, I'll be out limping around my hubby, pretending to be useful...


Teen daughter informed me, with a huge eye roll, that she no longer likes The Iconic Boyz, and that I am completely out of touch.  She now wants her room yellow.  Again, I'm biting my tongue.  It hurts almost as much as my little toe.