Friday, November 22, 2013

Fabric Garland

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Big A and I have been working on a rather large project. In fact, it measures 10 feet tall. It's led to quite a few swear words, some maniacal laughter, and blood. Despite all of that, in the end, we won!

But I can't show you that yet. I need a couple of days grace period to get all the pictures up and, quite frankly, to have Big A to sit down and tell me the real names of the tools and parts we used. Otherwise, my post would give you a tool/parts list like this:

Bendy Thing
Metal Slicer

See what I mean? We need him.

SO, until tomorrow, I am going to show you one little thing I've been working on. ("Working on" may be too strong of a phrase - perhaps I should say "puttering with".)

A few weeks ago, I made a fabric scrap valance (tutorial HERE) for our double doors to the back yard. I really loved the look of it:

But then I decided I didn't like the rigidity of the tension rod with the rustic look of the fabric. So I strung all of the fabric strips onto jute twine and re-hung it as a banner.

Much better! I prefer the garland. What do you think?

Tomorrow I'll be back to post about our larger adventure! Until then! Julia


Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

I have a few redo's now and then to Julia! I do like it better on the twine. It looks less rigid and more fluid. You've got me curious as to what this ten foot tall thing is!

Julia Klimek said...

Thank you, I like it better too. LOL Deborah - we built a tree! Julia

Katie @ Horrific Knits said...

I love it! My name is Katie and I host Fall Into the Holidays. All entries get pinned. I would love to have you link up! This week’s round is still open!

Julia Klimek said...

Hi Katie - I will stop by! Julia

Deborah Owen said...

I have so been wanting to make a valance with material the way you did....and I have some red burlap that would be so cool!

Julia Klimek said...

Do it Deborah!!! :-) Julia

Schulz Family said...

Visiting from Domessblissity. I do like it with the twine, makes it more relaxed looking