Thursday, March 20, 2014

Western Decor Love

western decor, cowboy decor

I have a big 10-gallon love for Western and Cowboy decor. Unfortunately, even though I live out in the country, being from Central New York, the closest I get to being a cowgirl is:

I have the above longhorns on the wall in my living room, 

I L.O.V.E. country music, 

My Mom lived in Texas, 

I have lots of cowboy boots, 


Once in a while, I like to eat at Longhorn Steakhouse! 

But just because I'm not a real cowgirl, nor married to a cowboy, that doesn't mean I can't add a few more elements of Western decor to my home. However, I think these elements have to be accents, rather than full blown cowboy themed rooms.

See? Like below? I love it, and I want to be curled up on that sofa ~ but that might be just scream "Ye-Haw" a little too much for my neck of the woods (or for Big A and my kids, for that matter).

Cowboy bedrooms decorate cowboy and indians theme stage coach theme

Therefore, I've been collecting ideas, and corralled (get it?) a few fabulous accents to give a little more Western or cowboy feel to my home. Anyone could easily mix and match many of these ideas with any decor, in any home. (Well perhaps not at, say, Buckingham Palace. I don't think the Queen has any room for cowhide.) 

But, assuming you aren't the Queen, here are a few ideas for living (a little) like a cowboy. 

The first candle holder is adorable. I have about 300 feet of barbed wire in an old stone wall that runs the length of our property. Until just this moment, I thought it would be a nuisance to pull it out. Now ~ I'm thinking home decor.  

The next candle holder would be so easy to replicate. I can't tell you how many belts and belt buckles there are in thrift stores (not to mention I have quite a collection in my own closet and could spare one or two). 

Western Candle Holders

Loving the cowhide runner. Again, pretty easy to replicate with a little thought. 

Cowhide and Turquoise Table Runner

Plus, all the cool kids are making faux cowhide rugs and lampshades ~ why not a runner?

Rain on a Tin Roof Cowhide Lamp Shade. I love this lampshade ~ this would work in any room, tucked in any corner or taking the spotlight. 

The fringe on this place mat is great - I've never thought to use cowboy fringe on anything, other than my black cowboy boots. But to put fringe on a place mat ~ adorable. I want to make a version of these right now! 

Laredo Chocolate Placemats - Set of 4

(Except where noted, the above awesomeness all came from the Lonestar Western Catalog. However, if I were a betting woman ~ which I would be if I was a cowgirl ~ I would bet that any of those could be made DIY style, with a little imagination. SOURCE)

Grab a shot of whiskey (or a Cosmo) and let's get on with the ideas!

I found this horseshoe in the stone wall that I mentioned above, and hung it over my back door. Definitely brings us good luck. I grew up riding and love horses. Now I'm just loving horseshoes. 

How To Hang a Horseshoe 

horseshoe, horseshoe craft, hang a horseshoe, western decor, kitchen decor

Painting bar stools is easy peasy lemon squeezy. I can see a distressed paint with painted horseshoes and stars, in rustic colors.

The Sign. I want to make one. Wouldn't it be perfect for a boys bedroom?

(image source not available)

The wagon wheel makes me happy. Plus, if I had a real wagon wheel, it would always remind me of the song "Wagon Wheel"  (click link for the song and to be happy today).

I love it hung on the wall as below. I see this wheel even sports some twinkle lights... Swoon. (Note to self: keep eyes open for wagon wheels.)

Check out this wagon wheel made into a clock and used as a mantel decoration:

clock for the cabin out of a wagon wheel. @Bonnie Heyrend
(source unavailable)

I love it all.

Yup, I'm feeling certain some cowboy decor is in our near future. I just have to be on the look-out for a few supplies. In the meantime, here are a couple of cowboy craft supplies I found, in just a few minutes of searching.  (click the picture to go to the page)

Faux barbed wire ~ possibly a good buy, rather than trying to rip it out of the stone wall!

Cowboy decal ~ love this. 

Cowhide fabric is everywhere. And this faux fabric is great! Perfect for making pillow shams, lamp shades, table runners... ahhhhh.... 

A package of 10 horseshoes. I like 'em! Cheap and cheerful if you don't feel like searching in your stone wall for the real thing.

Do you like Western/Cowboy decor? Do you have any good ideas for me? Share 'em cowgirl!!!

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Redo It Yourself Inspirations said...

Western decor is my favorite. As you can tell with some of my redo posts, I try to incorporate it in our home.
Love your post! Thank you for sharing~
Redo It Yourself Inspirations

♥Cherie♥ said...


Beautiful.... I do love home decor, I just don't have the space inmy tiny

Have a great weekend!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by Robin! Happpy to meet you!

Shabby Chic Crochet - glad to have you here! :)


Doreen@foxdenrd said...

You would like our man cave at our weekend home, which is a log cabin. I'm sitting there right now, surrounded by horse shoes, a cowhide rug, burnished leather fabrics, stained glass depicting a cowboy on a horse, poles covered in tree bark, pillows covered in bandanas and cabinet hardware in the shape of cowboy hats. Oh, and did I mention our singing deer head?

You can get a peek on my 'cabin home tour' located in my sidebar.

Thank you for linking up today at our social media blog hop!

Linda @ Mixed Kreations said...

Beautiful western decor! Live the candle holders so simple but beautiful. The bar stools are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Doreen, I've been to your website - the cabin is AMAZING!!! lOVE.

Linda, thank you for stopping by. I love those barstools too. I'm going to try to re-create them with paint.


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western decor, cowboy decor. I have a big 10-gallon love for ...