Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Dead Fly and DIY

I'm not a morning person.  Well, technically I am.  I get up early, but as anyone who knows me well will tell you - if you know what's good for you, best not to speak to me until I've had at least two large cups of coffee. This morning was no different.  I got up and shuffled into the kitchen to make myself a cup of personality.  I was lost in thought, thinking about the day ahead.  Big A was going to borrow a rototiller and we were going to get the garden dug along the foundation.

Yesterday, my mother came over and we had placed all of the plants and drew up a slap-dash very precise map of said garden.  I took a ton of pictures of the area so that I could use them as reference as to where the plants were supposed to go after we dug the actual garden.

I got my coffee made and poured myself a large cup: extra cream and sweetener.  (I know, I use sugar-free sweetener, and full fat cream - remember, I walk on the wild side).  I took a big slug, heaven!  But wait, in my peripheral vision, I think I saw something.

Floating. In. My. Coffee.

Which only a millisecond before had been undoubtedly close to being swallowed!  My brain struggled to catch up - what was it?  Surely just coffee grounds!  Maybe a large crumb of bread?  Please let it be bread!

I said please!  But to no avail.  It was:  A big, dead, nasty fly!

I shrieked. THAT is not the way to start the day!  Nor does it bode well for the rest of the day!  Was it a bad omen?

Big A suddenly swooped in and took over.  Thank God for that man, he knows I am cranky in the morning, and that it was in everyone's best interest for him to get me another cup, STAT.

I finally calmed down and realized I had survived the ordeal, and was going to be O.K.   With a little trepidation, but a bug free cup of coffee in hand, I headed out to inspect the job site.

It actually looked harmless enough!  Yay!  Use the rototiller around the foundation and around the large rocks - and like magic - ready to dig some holes.  I'm pretty sure even Big A, the one who gets stuck with the hardest work, was fairly optimistic!

But alas, the fly was a bad omen, and it wasn't quite that easy... Looking back now, I can almost smile.  I say ALMOST, because these words are in the forefront of my brain:  heat stroke, missing limbs, bees nests, and dog poop.   All of which made for an interesting morning!  But that post will have to wait until tomorrow.  After I've had my coffee.

(No people or animals were harmed in this project, yet.)