Monday, June 4, 2012

Finally, a pantry!

I have spent my whole life with too little cabinet space, barely any closet space, and certainly without a walk-in pantry.  Over the years, regardless of how little space I had, I loyally joined BJ's and Sam's Club, stocking my imaginary pantry, only to face the reality that I didn't have room for anything in bulk.  So when we were designing our modular home, I was pretty much giddy at the thought of a walk-in pantry!

A lot of the modular homes we saw featured kitchens with built in pantries.  However, to have one specially built for you would be an easy adjustment.  In fact, we had ours made larger than the model home had shown.

Our pantry is built into the corner of our kitchen.  You can clearly see the door to the pantry, and the wall that juts out.  It's hard to see from that picture, but that area is approximately 7 feet wide x 6 feet deep.  We do lose a little space in the kitchen, but we still have room for our island (with seating) and a kitchen table with seating, even with that space utilized as a pantry.

The pantry came with these beautiful built-in shelves.  There's plenty of room for anything we need to store.  And we store a lot: dog food, small appliances, paper products, canned goods, unruly house guests, empty chip bags, etc...






And, there's still plenty of room left unused!  Making use of a storage system would give us even more room, if we need it.  Clearly, I need a shopping day at Target!  I've been doing a little "window shopping" on line, and there are literally hundreds of ideas for storage containers - from plastic, to stack-able baskets, to crates...  Not only Target (I just always wanna go there!), but dollar stores or garage sales are always good for ideas too.

Here are some awesome pantry organization ideas... Not that I think our pantry will ever be as organized as these!

I love the idea of hanging the tin bins on the inside of my pantry door.


I like these baskets because they slant so that you can see inside them!