Thursday, June 21, 2012

Planting a Front Garden

Time marches on.  NO, time FLIES!   It's already the end of June, and there are still a lot of things not crossed off on my To Do list!  However, the summer means birthdays in our family, and one really good thing to having another birthday is that my Mom and Dad surprised me, telling me that I need Big A and his truck in order to get my birthday present!  I need a truck for my present?!  How exciting!

It turns out they bought me a bunch of plants, that are waiting for me at the local garden center, Dickman Farms.  And that means I'll be able to cross another task off of the dreaded To Do list.  Cuz now I can plant a garden around the foundation!

I've been googling: foundation plants, gardens, container gardens, easy gardening, and more...

So pretty!  This picture below has 3 levels, and I love all the green.  I know day lillies will spread quickly and fill in a lot of space.

I love the next garden below.  I love hostas, and I love the hanging baskets with a pop of color.

Hostas and lillies below look really lush and full.  And I like the bricks edging the garden.

And this one is so pretty - I love yellow!

So now I have some ideas.  Time to grab my Mom and pick her brain for ideas on what is actually feesible in our space, and get to work.






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