Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day Gift Ideas

It's Father's Day weekend, and even though my Dad's getting a voucher for a night babysitting our kids, here are a few things any Dad would like to receive on Father's Day:

Car wash vouchers. As my hubby says "A clean truck is a happy truck".  Whatever honey!

A hammock. To escape to some far corner of the yard.  They have hammocks that hang from the trees, that can be moved anywhere in the yard.  They have hammocks for couples.  Hammocks to take camping, and hammocks that keeps bugs out.

Gorilla Garden Cart. These things are super handy around the yard and they're way easier to maneuver than a wheelbarrow!

Frog Toggs chilly pad.  Just wet, drape around your neck, and stay cool (even though you look silly, who cares!).

Headphones with hearing protection for your ipod.  Let's him listen to music, not the mower!

Laser level.  Soooo cool - I want one!  Black and Decker has one that suctions to the wall.

Power washer.  If he doesn't have one, they're handy for washing everything from your porch, to porch furniture, to the sidewalk, etc.

A coal miner-like flashlight.  What guy doesn't want a light strapped to their head  when bravely spelunking in the basement?

And if all else fails....

Pinned Image

Yes, a carstache!  (If you ever see one on the open road, I want you to send me a picture immediately!)

Happy Father's Day !!!