Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hanging Candle Holder Using a Mason Jar

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Have you got five minutes? 

Oh good! I'm all about five minute decor! How about you? 

(Strangely, my 6 year old is almost always the only one to notice the changes I've made around the house ~ no matter how tiny! He loved these.) 

While grocery shopping one "Spring" day (read: "supposed to be Spring, but there's snow on the ground" day) I found a package of four, cute little mason jars at Wegman's for about $5. 

When I got home, I thought about painting them, but then I was too tired and cranky about the weather I had the brilliant idea to hang them in a window, with a tea light.

I don't dare light "real" candles, with a little one and a cat, so enclosing an LED tea light in glass, gives the effect of a flickering flame, without the fire hazzard. 

mason jar crafts, hanging mason jar, mason jar candle holder, mason jar ideas

I used hot glue to secure the jute twine around the mouth of the mason jar. Filled it with glass beads and put in a tea light... 

5 minutes ~ tops! 

Clear Command Hooks worked perfectly for hanging them in the dining room window, where they catch the sun light and produce beautiful reflections and light prisms, during the day. 

In the evening the tea lights create the perfect soft glow. So pretty. 

mason jar crafts, hanging mason jar, mason jar candle holder, mason jar ideas

When the temperatures eventually warm up, I may hang them on the front porch, so that we can enjoy them outdoors.  

And, as no doubt will happen, I will get tired of the beads, in which case, I can easily change them and fill the mason jars with yellow lentils, or coffee beans... or I think they would look super cheery and bright with dried split green peas. 

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Unknown said...

I bet this is beautiful when the candle is lit!

Unknown said...

It is Marilyn! I just couldn't get a good picture with the window, etc.. :(


Unknown said...

Very pretty, and easy! Pinning!
Renee @ CreativeMamaMessyHouse

Unknown said...

Thanks Renee! Have a great weekend! Julia

Bobbi @ 3GLOL said...

Anything mason jar catches my eye. Love what you did with these, I like the twine around the top. Will have to try that on my next mason jar craft!

Thanks for sharing.
Pinning it!!

Carmody said...

I love pretty and easy project such as this one. Great job.

Unknown said...

So glad you liked this Bobby!

Carmody, so easy and fun. I really love them!


One More Time Events said...

Very cute idea!! Thank you for sharing at One More Time Events

Unknown said...

I love how this turned out, Julia! I also like the fact that it was quick--my kind of craft/decoration! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you to One More Time Events!

Dee, thank you for stopping by! Fun and easy!


Erlene said...

I love the idea of the glass in the jar. I bet it's super pretty at night and so much safer with little kids around. Thanks for sharing on Merry Mondays. Pinned/Tweeted.

Candy said...

So cute!! I love all things Mason jars. Pinning!

Christine said...

That's so pretty!!! It would look lovely outside too!

Unknown said...

Erlene, I'm glad you stopped by - it is pretty at night!

Thank you for pinning Candy!!!

Christine, yes! They would look pretty hanging from the porch or maybe shepherd's hooks along the walk!