Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mod Podge a Glass Table Top

mod podge, burlap crafts, mod podge and burlap

Hello there peeps! I hope this finds you well!

Today I need to ask you a favor.

I made this little table top, but I am stuck, and I need your advice.

Big A and I have three tables - two are end tables, and one is a coffee table. They're all glass topped and I dislike them. A lot. Because they're see through, I also walk into them. A lot.

All they do is collect dog nose smears, finger prints, and show every single crumb and minuscule particle of dust.

I can't afford to replace them, but for the past couple of years, I have been keeping my eyes open for something fun, in thrift stores and at garage sales. Nuttin' honey.

Meanwhile, I've been stewing over what to do with them for the time being. Finally, I had an idea. I would mod podge one of them with burlap! I thought it would look so rustic and cool, so I googled and searched, but I couldn't find any examples on line.

So, ignoring what may have been a fair warning to proceed with caution, I just did it.

mod podge, burlap crafts, mod podge and burlap

I laid out one of the end table glass tops between two chairs, and painted it with mod podge. 

mod podge, burlap crafts, mod podge and burlap

I put the burlap down, and then painted that with mod podge. 

mod podge, burlap crafts, mod podge and burlap

It took about four days to dry. 

When it was finally dry, I popped it back on the wrought iron base, and was completely underwhelmed. 

mod podge, burlap crafts, mod podge and burlap

It's just okay, right? It looks better than glass with dog boogers and sticky finger smears, but now what? 

mod podge, burlap crafts, mod podge and burlap

Should I put something around the edges? If so, what? Please help me! 

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Unknown said...

Hmm, maybe stencil a design on top or add an edge? We used to have a glass-topped table, and I sold it in my pre-DIY days! I think I saw somewhere someone covered a table with post cards or old photos too. Any way, I love projects like this, and I can't wait to see what you decide! :)

Unknown said...

Dee, I like the idea of a stencil on top of the burlap... hmmm. And an edge is needed too! Thank you! Julia

Krystie said...

I can picture wood trim painted going along the edges adding dimension as well as a little bit of personality. This would also look good with the stenciling.

Unknown said...

Hi Krystie - my husband said wood trim sounded good to him! Thanks for the idea! Julia

Susan at said...

Super cool! You're so brave and just going for it. You'll figure out how to finish it for sure! :)

Unknown said...

Susan - thanks! I'm glad you have faith - It threatens to be one of those things that sits on the back burner for 3 years! LOL! Julia

Unknown said...

Absolutely love this project! Will be pinning to my Burlap board on pinterest...showing love from @sitsgirls linky party

Unknown said...

Thank you Cynthia! It looks cool, just needs "finishing"...


Antionette Blake said...

Great DIY! Thank you for linking up with us at the #WWDParty and sharing this great furniture refinish. Have a wonderful weekend!

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

Wow! I think your burlap top looks awesome! It sounds like you're leaning toward a wood trim but another idea would be to braid jute loosely and glue it around the edge. Whatever you decide I'm sure it'll look fabulous!

Unknown said...

Antoinette - thank you for stopping by!

Gail, braided jute sounds great too - and I had thought of a thick rope, maybe dyed a dark stain???? Thank you for the idea! I'm determined to do something soon!

Julia xx

Marti @ SewLicious Home Decor said...

You can never go wrong with burlap...that's a great idea to cover glass with! Thanks for sharing it with us at Show-licious Craft Showcase! Pinned to the party board.

Unknown said...

Such a creative way to make over your table! I agree it does need a little something more and something around the edges would make it stand out more. Great idea!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Pin Marti!

DIY Homegirl, glad you came by - right after Spring Break, I'm going to finish this.

I'm leaning towards the rope edging....


Robin said...

What a great idea!!! Love the burlap and about the edges...hummm, I gotta think about that! xo
Thanks for linking up to Twirl and Take a Bow!

Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

I love the idea of a stencil on the burlap. You could make a pleated "skirt" out of more burlap or another fabric and hot glue it along the edge. The skirt could be either a short ruffle, or all the way to the floor if you wanted. I think your ideas to modpodge the burlap was a great one! Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week! ~Deborah

Norwegian girl said...

The table looks great, but how is it to clean? Is the mod podge water resistant? Or will it dissolve and get sticky? (Dissolve is perhaps not the right word, I'm Norwegian... ;) Sorry, hope you understand what I mean :) )

Unknown said...

Norwegian girl: Yesterday I cleaned it by just using the wand on the vacuum cleaner to "dust" it. I think water would definitely ruin the top, so I wouldn't even try that. I can just imagine a big gluey, fibery mess! LOL! By the way, your English is waaay better than my Norwegian! Lol! :-) Thank you for stopping by! Julia