Thursday, April 3, 2014

Window Décor For Less

To continue or begin a house-updating project, get the best in ideas for inexpensive window treatments. Drapery and blinds are a staple, so saving on these items in a meaningful way will affect your budget significantly. If you need to buy window décor, why not save at the same time, and have a lasting product where you can save money on great quality product, and really see the difference.

Outdoor Shutters

When purchasing shutters for your home, consider the cost as an investment to save you money in the long run. If need be, consider payday loans online for this long-time savings investment. The cost will be an important part of saving you money and energy on the home’s energy bills.  By increasing your home’s insulation with shutters, you are more likely to let less energy out through inefficiency. Keeping the shutters affordable when you purchase them is important, as long as there is no expense in quality – if the quality goes down, so does your margin for energy efficiency. Get more than one estimate on your window shutters to make sure that you have understood all the pricing information, and gotten the best deal on product and it’s installation.

Bamboo Blinds & Shades

If you need an effective way to have style and stay on budget, try bamboo shades and blinds. Often inexpensive, they come in plentiful sizes, and are also available for custom cuts.  These shades will increase privacy, as well as moderately increasing the efficiency of the energy in your home. Take care to measure carefully as some sizing is not easily provided, and save yourself the hassle of having to go back o the store to exchange for the right size. Take an image of your window set up to bring to the home improvement store as well, so you can also inquire about the most cost efficient bamboo blinds that will also look the best, and be the best in energy efficiency, for your home.

Refurbished blinds, Custom-Sized

One way to increase savings greatly when purchasing blinds and shutters is to look for unused or recycled window treatments.  Old sets of blinds that used to be in you home but were mis-cut or discarded, can now be sized appropriately, and used to increase the energy efficiency of your home or apartment, Ask a few contractors if they have any blinds or shades that were not used from older projects, and if they are available for resell. A lot of times you can get amazing quality, just by inquiring with a few different providers of window treatments.  Use your knowledge of the best contractors to ask them if they can also do the installation – They are more likely to do the project for resale if they get the installation of the blinds as well as a bonus. As you will probably have to custom size and install these new refurbished blinds, you would be hiring someone anyway, so enjoy those discounted window treatments for next to nothing.

DIY Curtains

Interior window décor may seem to  be difficult to save money when purchasing, as there are pre-cut standard sizes, an generally the higher quality fabric costs item. Use this concept to see what higher quality fabric is available for cheaper by the yard, and cut the curtains to size yourself, and have the fabric sewn into curtains you love. Custom curtains can be the cheapest way to invest in beautiful home décor as you can make tem from old tablecloths, blankets, or any high quality fabric you like. Or purchase a new fabric by the yard for an interesting and unique money saving deal on curtains.

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