Saturday, August 24, 2013

Twinkle Light Canvas

Hello there! I've been working all week on a couple of large-ish projects, so yesterday, I had a few spare minutes, and a spare canvas. I decided to take a break, and stenciled some flowers in gold and black on the canvas. It looked cute, but then I thought about trying to light it up. I took a string of LED twinkle lights and stapled them to the back. Voila! A cute little twinkle light canvas, which doubles as a nightlight.

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So, it's pretty early in the morning as I write this. I admit, I'm not quite in the game yet because last night I had a hot date! With Toby. Big A didn't mind so much.
(Probably because it was with 20,000 other people.)
Alright, so Toby wasn't technically my date.
My date was with Big A, my parents, my sister and her hubs...
But still... a girl can dream.
This morning I need a lot of this:

Focus Jules.
I've mentioned before, I have a licensed electrician as a husband. And that means A LOT of outlets and switches all over the place. Hey, they're super convenient, I'll give Big A that. But they're equally as ugly. So I'm constantly trying to decorate around them and cover them up.

This Twinkle Light Canvas is perfect for hiding a few of those outlets!

(Big A wants me to remind you to use LED twinkle lights,
because they don't get hot and cause fires. Yeah, he's bossy smart!)
Tell me, what do you do to cover up the necessary outlets that are in your sight? Do you have any good ideas for hiding them? I would love to hear your ideas... Links welcome!

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Susan at said...

In a former life, I didn't hide them at all. I would put small polymer sculptures on them or paint little pictures. These days, I'm just trilled to have the dog hair off of the base boards! :)

Unknown said...

LOL Susan! I totally feel ya! Dog hair sculptures? Could be on to something!!!


Kelley @ said...

Ohh.. the canvas is so pretty! And how smart it hides the outlets! Fun! (And yay for a date with Toby ;))

I would love for you to share this (and any other posts!) at my Life of the Party link up if you get a chance! Im going to poke around your blog a little more.

Anonymous said...

That's such a pretty idea!! Thanks for commenting @ Dolly Creates! I'd love to have you link up to my link party @

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Cute way to cover them up! I try to hide mine with my seasonal décor. Only one problem. We did not build our home and they are even higher than normal. What were they thinking? lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Unknown said...

Hi Jann! Outlets are so ugly! How weird that yours are higher? Can you at least hang pictures over them? Julia

Dolly and Kelley - I will stop over to your blogs! Thank you for stopping by!

Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

This is a darling coverup for those electrical outlets. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays.


Elise Engh said...

What a fun way to use a canvas!

kellythom747 said...

that looks so pretty! I love the design too!

Christine at Little Brags said...

Great Idea...pinning

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by! Glad to have you all here! Julia

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a clever idea and a great way to 'night light' a dark area! Thanks for sharing at TTF and I too have Toby love!

Danielle said...

So pretty! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x

Betsy @ Romance on a dime said...

So pretty!! Love this. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!

Unknown said...

These are beautiful! Thanks for posting on Craft Frenzy Friday!