Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Camping Food

 Banana recipe, Grilled Bananas, Bananas on Campfire, campfire
I love camping! I love everything about it. I love getting up early and having a cup of coffee outside before the kids wake up. I love the kids being outside and playing all day long. I love the smell the campfire. But mostly, I love the food. I love camping food, campfire food, camping snacks - you get the idea!
Every summer we go camping with my husband's family. This year we stayed in Pennsylvania, on Hammond Lake. The campground was surrounded by mountains, and it was a quick walk or bike ride to the lake - beautiful!
I could tell you fabulous tales of long hikes, fishing trips and bike rides up mountain roads, but as you can see, (I'm not ashamed to admit), it's all about the food for me. And when we're camping it's no exception. This year there were a total of 20 of us camping, so we spent a lot of time planning our meals, cooking and eating them. Bliss!
The picture below is a typical morning in front of our camper. Breakfast included eggs, bacon, sausages, muffins, hash browns... Needless to say, we never really needed lunch!
Dinners were varied - from steak with shrimp, to burgers and corn. But of course the highlight of the camping trip is always the bonfire after dinner.
We made the usual marshmallows, S'mores and popcorn.  But this year we also made two really cute and easy campfire treats.
Frozen Banana Treats
(My Mother-in-Law found this recipe, and the bites were delicious!)
4 Bananas
10 oz baking chocolate
1/4 cup peanut butter
Slice bananas into1/2 inch rounds. Place on parchment paper, on a cookie sheet, and freeze for 1 hour.
Spread each round with Peanut butter, and top with another banana slice.
Meanwhile melt Chocolate in Microwave. Melt on medium for 30 seconds, stir, and repeat until chocolate is melted and smooth.
Dip each banana bite in chocolate, using two forks. Place back on cookie sheet and freeze for 2 hours.
Serve and enjoy!

Banana Boats on the Campfire

Banana recipe, Grilled Bananas, Bananas on Campfire, campfire

1 just-ripe (but still yellow) banana
1 tablespoon mini marshmallows 1 tablespoon chocolate chips

Make a lengthwise slit down the inner curve of the banana, about half-way through the banana.
Pack the chocolate chips and marshmallows into the banana flesh inside the peel. Mound any additional chips or marshmallows on top.
Wrap the banana in a square of foil.
Lay on the grill rack over indirect heat and cook 15 minutes. (Grilling time will depend on how hot your fire is and how ripe the banana is.) Open the foil and see if the chocolate and marshmallow are melted. The skin on the finished banana should be extremely dark brown.

We passed the banana boats out and ate them with spoons!

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Susan at said...

Looks like a really good time!

Amy@BuffaloRoam said...
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Amy@BuffaloRoam said...

What a beautiful area! Looks like a great (and delicious) time!

Kadee Willow said...

Years ago.. you probably don't remember... there was a woman known for her skills in camping. A sweet woman who was featured on HGTV or was in when we lived in Minneapolis. It's so long ago I don't remember. But her forte was cooking in the great outdoors and one her recipes reminds me of the one you offered. Melty banana and chocolate goodness! Mmmmmmm.... ~~~

Unknown said...

Thank you for stopping by guys! Kadee, I don't remember! :( I'm going to go google it though! See if maybe it's still on somewhere - that might be a fun show..


Vickie @ said...

I also love to camp and eat camping food. My brother-in-law would make the best dutch oven chicken and dumplings! He would cook the chicken right in the hot coals from our campfire and had the real camping type dutch oven that also held coals on top. The gravy was so creamy and yummy on top of fluffy dumplings! I will always remember him for that! Thanks for checking out my site - I'm sure we will be checking out your site quite often in the future!

Unknown said...

Vickie - that chicken sounds amazing! One of my husbands favs

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

For some unknown reason everything tastes better outdoors. I love camping food too! The banana boats sound super yummy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

For some unknown reason everything tastes better outdoors. I love camping food too! The banana boats sound super yummy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.