Friday, April 19, 2013

Must Have Tools For the Home

Hi there!

I was thinking about the tools that I would like (cuz my birthday isn't too far away), and about the tools I use all the time, and I thought it would be fun to put together a list of my must-have tools. Some I use every day, some just once in a while - but I like owning them, rather than having to borrow them. (It doesn't count as borrowing if they're technically my husband's does it? Or my Dad's? Or the neighbors? Good.)

Some of these tools I use for crafts/projects and some I use around the house for everyday upkeep.

SO, without further ado, here's MY list of must-haves (with links if you like or find any of these things in all of the big package stores).

Leatherman. I keep this in the kitchen drawer. It has just about anything you need to accomplish small tasks without having to lug out a heavy tool box.  A screwdriver, can opener, pliers, little scissors, jack-knife, mini-saw, even a beer opener! These are invaluable for the home and for travel - I take mine camping. They also make great gifts!

Cordless Drill. I use this every week. If you have a home, you'll need it to hang curtains, shelving, or to put most anything together. Try to get one with a decent sized battery because there's nothing worse than running out of juice mid-project!

Portable Light. We have a couple of portable lights, but I like the short type so that they fit on a table top.

Staple Gun/Glue Gun. Both are very inexpensive, and I use mine every week, if not every day. Actually I have several of each.

Spray Paint Adaptor. Cheap, so get one! Trust me hand cramps are not necessary.  Get one of these and make spray painting a whole lot easier!

Saw Horses. I have metal saw horses that fold up and have a carrying handle. Throw on a piece of plywood, and it's the perfect work surface for outside, or for an extra work surface anywhere.

General tool box. Big A has tool boxes as tall as me, but all I really need is a small, general use toolbox.

There are a lot of other handy tools you could invest in, but these are truly on my daily rotation. And here's a list of general tools you might want to keep on hand:

Utility knife
Paint brushes/sponges
Tarps/drop clothes
Different length levels
Tape measures
Wood Glue
Paint buckets
Eye protection



Sunny Belle said...

Julia, I had NO idea that there was such a thing as foldable metal sawhorses! This is genius! I always wanted sawhorses but avoided purchasing them due to the amount of space they'd take up... This is perfect. I'm absolutely getting these this weekend! Thanks for the tip!!!

Unknown said...

Oh good! Glad to help! They're awesome and easy to store in a corner of the basement!