Saturday, April 20, 2013

Got a Sharpie?

Hello there and Happy Saturday! It's that time of the week where I take a few minutes and make a list of the things I want to get done in the following week. Not that they WILL get done, it's just a wishful thinking list - with good intentions!

I went to my Pinterest boards and looked at the pins I have been loving. Seems there are a lot of ideas out there for using Sharpie Markers. (The only thing I ever do with a sharpie is make sure it's hidden at the BACK of the drawer so the little man doesn't get his hands on one! I don't need permanent marker all over my counter tops or walls!) But it seems some people actually have used their sharpies for good use!

Check out all of these ideas - and if you have any sharpie inspired DIY, please share!

First of all, I love this lampshade which was given a super cool update with a Sharpie! Who would have thought - and who would have thought there was a blog all about things you can do with a sharpie! Check it out HERE.

All you need is an old lamp shade, a template, and a sharpie! Nice!

Speaking of nice... This sign was made simply by printing out a verse and transferring it to a piece of wood, and then coloring in the letters with the sharpie. It doesn't get any easier! I have to try this! (For the tutorial go here.)

I was at the dollar store this week, and they seem to have a huge selection of plain white boring ceramics - dinner plates, mugs, bowls. There are tons of pins using sharpies and white dinnerware. They are all so cute!

DIY Sharpie plate from The Sweetest Occasion

In this tutorial, you are shown how to make sure your chosen design won't wash off.

I have burlap, I have sharpies.... Check this out:

I don't have a chair to recover, but I like the idea of making something with the burlap. Maybe decorating a table runner, or framing our family name, or somethin'!

And for the last sharpie idea I really, really, really want to do ... plain old ceramic drawer pulls (which are about $14 for a 4001-WT (Pack of 10) Round White Ceramic Cabinet or Dresser Knob ), sharpie and your oven.

(Note: I can't get a link to work for this photo - I apologize, but the instructions seem to be the same as above, 350f oven for 30 mins and let cool).

SO I guess that's enough to get me started for next week. I will let you know how I get along with these sharpie projects. Have a great weekend and let me know what you are up to!


Kim said...

Ooooh! I love ALL these ideas...and Sharpies? Who knew? Thanks for the inspiration, now if I could just find the time. ;) said...

What great ideas! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

Unknown said...

I know - time is something I'm in constant search of! But I want to do each of these!

Unknown said...

Glad you stopped by!

Nicole said...

Saw this on Inspire Me Monday, and I am indeed inspired. Time to go Sharpie-shopping...

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Unknown said...

Thank you!

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