Monday, April 1, 2013

DIY Porches

It's the time of year where I'm literally dreaming of getting outside and decorating the front porch. I can't wait to get my outdoor furniture out, and plant, and decorate.

A trip to the local garden center is necessary, but usually VERY dangerous -  for our bank account. (The mere mention of the garden center makes Big A break into a sweat.) I find myself wanting to buy every flower, every pot, every decoration. I envision my porch and outdoor tables adorned with the most festive and beautiful accents. "Grab a cart and fill it!" I yell.

So this trip, in order to save my marriage, I left my wallet in the car. I brought only my phone to snap a few pictures, and take away only ideas.

The first thing I saw were these hanging pendant lights, which would look fun on a porch, or anywhere for that matter. They carry a pretty heavy price tag, but I happen to know you can find pendant lights in any package store, with clear glass. Making your own mercury glass using Looking Glass Spray Paint and water is something I've been meaning to do. So it makes me happy to think that is a do-able and fairly inexpensive alternative.

This fabric is right up my ally. I love the colors and the sheer overlay.
Putting curtains on the front porch is on my list of things I've always wanted to do.
Look at this beautiful home with the sheer panels:

Don't forget sheer curtains on front porch to keep down glare in afternoon.

Of course at this time of year, the pansies are all potted and for sale.

I love the yellow and orange together.

The planters were all sorts of bright and cheerful colors, but the one that caught my eye was the gold. I have plenty of planters - from terracotta to plastic, which I'm seriously thinking of
painting them all gold now.

How cool are these lanterns?
They would look so good hung from the ceiling of the porch or under a table umbrella.

Loving the pussy willows.
Of course, these are free, if my Mom and Dad don't mind me foraging around in their woods!

These hanging orbs caught my eye too. I love the wire, but there's a way to make them yourself.  
Go here to learn how!

So all in all, lots of ideas! Now if this SNOW would just make way for Spring...

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