Thursday, November 8, 2012

One Year, Twenty Wishes

I confess, there has been a lull in my enthusiasm this week.  I wasn't sure what my lack of enthusiasm was due to, I just know that I found a lot of excuses for why I didn't have time to do any projects - busy with kids: such as helping with homework, cooking dinners, and being a taxi driver.  I had shopping to do and cleaning to do.  And, honestly, money is tight. Christmas is coming, as well as a wedding, and several birthdays.  I don't have a lot of money to purchase a can of paint, much less any other DIY supplies like wood, curtain rods, fabric...  But then this morning two things happened to knock me out of my funk.

First, I sat down with my cup of coffee to catch up with some other blogs I try to read everyday.  Thrifty Decor Chic, wrote a great post about getting out of debt. I enjoyed the post, and made a mental note to do a little more research in this department.  Thank you TDC!  I look forward to looking into your suggestion in depth.

And then I stumbled over to Life in the Thrifty Lane who wrote about a "One Year, Twenty Wishes", which is being hosted by Truly Lovely.  This is a list of things you want to do, NOT what you think you should do.

Cool!  I LOVE lists.  I make to-do lists almost every day, and it helps me clear my mind.  I'm not being overly dramatic, but I think making lists helps me sleep better.  It's all down on paper, so I don't obsess about what I have to do.  I can sleep, and look at my list in the morning.  But I never thought of keeping a list of things I WANT to do!


So, here goes!  I warn you, this is for fun - I'm not trying to win any "parent of the year", or "wife of the year" awards!


1.  Take the kids to the movies once a month.

2. Get out with Big A once a month for dinner, a movie, a walk, whatever...

3. Go for a walk every day.  I don't make the time for this anymore.

4. Get a massage.  I even have gift certificates, and I don't even make time to use them.

5.  Find the perfect foundation. Every girls dream isn't it?

6.  Be a better baker.  This may be an unrealistic wish.  I SUCK at baking.

7.  Get stripes for my new car.

8.  Find the time to fill my ipod with all the music I've been meaning to download.

9.  Read a book a week, by my fireplace.

10. Spend a lot more time with my family.  All of them.

11.  Go sledding this winter.

12. Overcome being cold, so that I can sled a lot this winter. :-)

13.  Eat more veggies.  (This may seem like something I have to do, but it's not at all!  I like veggies, but my family does not, so I don't eat as much as I want to.)

14.  Buy several new pairs of cowboy boots (deep, I know!).

15. Figure out the perfect, and quickest way to straighten my hair (extra deep!).

15. Learn to take better pictures, either with my camera or with my phone.

16.  Get good pictures of my family, all of them, and find a really cool way to display them.

17.  Get some awesome pictures of my home and the area we live in.

18. Learn how to make my blog better, and quite frankly, monetize my blog.

19. Eat whole lobster with butter at least 4 times this year. (Yes!  I'm glad I thought of this one!)

20. Last but not least, win a lifetime of free Big Macs.  (What? It could happen.)

Okay, as I read this over, I realize most of these are a little on the shallow side.  And I also realize I probably should have had breakfast.  But this is a list of things I want, not need, to do... SO, what would you do if you had 20 wishes?

Truly Lovely