Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday!

Shop Amazon - Cyber Monday Deals Week

Well it's Cyber Monday.  I'm sure there are billions of deals out there to be had.  I have my shopping list.  And am going to, at some point, check out the prices on pricegrabber, and AMAZON.

If you're a woman, the most difficult people to buy for are:  Dad and Hubby.  Why is it that men (sorry men), are so hard to buy for?  I'll tell you why!  Two weeks before Christmas, men invariably buy the things for themselves that they've been wanting for the past 6 months. Am I right? Or am I right?  (Can I get a high five here?)

Also, men want things we, as women, have no interest in.  I wish I could buy Dad a set of Calaphalon pans.  I could wrap them in a pretty apron adorned with cool set of tea towels. It would be so much easier.  And Big A.  It would be so nice if he wanted a hair straightener and Ionic hair dryer..  Wrapped in a beautiful plush towel with cute hair ties for a ribbon.  Awww.

But unfortunately, that's not the real world.   In reality, I am trying to find the coolest most sought after man toys.  Like a Cordless Power 18 volt Retracting Reciprocating Man Saw, that's also powered by Beer.  Or a 52" Laser Plasma Blue Radon TV with a Remote that also powers the truck, the oven and flushes the toilet.

So, with great pessimism, I dug in to do a little research, and I have found a few man-suitable ideas, which you might find useful for the men in your life.

First I found something that is APPARENTLY very sought after by all men.  It's a Pocket Saw.  I have no idea how this works, and I seriously can not fathom wanting one.  However, I am assured it is a cool gift for outdoorsy types, sporty types and camping types.  It is highly reviewed and only $23.81!

The next cool present is noise cancelling headphones.  Comfy while you mow the lawn  - and noise cancelling - read:  tune out the wife.

Similarly, if you need a little more warmth with your tunes, and comparable wife ignoring capabilities:

Keep your "man hands" warm with these gloves.  Perfect for snowmobiling, skiing, or snowblowing!

I like this laptop bag cuz it's waterproof.  Carry a laptop while riding a bike or camping without taking any chances.

Two-way radios.  Two words: man toy.  These are not only useful, they're a toy.  What guy wouldn't want these?  And, to my fair sistas - no need to wander around the basement or yard looking for your man when it's time for dinner - "Come in Big A. Come in Big A. Dinner's ready. Over."

And now, last but not least.  Every guy needs a Leatherman if he doesn't already have one.  And for those of us who remain easy to buy gifts for, a Leatherman is very handy for us too!

So I guess there are a few options out there, without having to search frantically for some outrageously named power tool - there seem to be plenty of original, but cool and useful gifts to choose from!  What have you bought?  Do you have any good ideas?