Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

Today is Black Friday.  I don't like Walmart at the best of times, but I avoid it like the plague when it's Black Friday.

However, today I was gonna have to face my fears.  I needed to buy a flat screen TV for the kids play room.  It was half price, so heading out to the madness seemed unavoidable.  But the universe must have had different plans for me today, because as it turns out, I mis-read the Black Friday Flyer and missed the sale by 12 hours.  AND, I found out I missed the sale before I left the house! Phew!

What to do?  What to do? (Looking around house...)

Having a lot of time on my hands is never really a good thing.  That's how my kitchen ended up Pee Wee Herman orange one year...

Anyway, I got thinking. We have at least 5 bulky 500 lb tvs sitting around. With technology advancing and new models being released every 30 minutes, what's one to do with all of the out of date tvs?

That's when it hit me: it's my duty to try to find a use for the old televisions.  And, with Pinterest and DIY blogs, where you can find brilliant ideas for upcycling anything, I was certain I would find an ingenious use for them.  Big A would marvel at how resourceful I could be....

But I was wrong.  After a little research it was obvious that not even Pinterest could help with an old tv.  I now know that I will not be upcycling my old televisions - I will be donating them to charity.

But just in case YOU are a little on the loony side, here are some ridiculous ways to get crafty with old televisions:

Here's my favorite.  Turn it into a mini-bar!  I can just see myself in a in a floral dress, checkered apron, and white heels, mixing up a martini for Big A:

Or, here's another wonderful idea. God knows how, but you could turn an old TV into a fish tank:

This is the easiest and perhaps most useful of all the ideas I found:  tie a chain around the thing, and use it as a boat anchor.

I don't know if this is cute, or disturbing.  You could use an old tv as a crib for your baby.

And if by any chance your flat screen dies on you (the horror!), here's an idea.  Just gorrila glue on some legs, and you've got yourself a kitchen table!  

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