Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bathroom Paint

Well, it's a cold and rainy day.  Which is fine, because the bathrooms need painting, and it's been put off for too long.

The first thing I have to tackle is choosing the right primer and paint.  Even if the bathroom is well-ventilated it's the perfect environment for mold and mildew.  And they're no fun!  So I think it's a good thing to prime with a moisture resistant primer.  The primer will help seal the drywall so that the high moisture won't cause any damage.

Then select a paint with "mildewcide" to retard mildew and mold growth. You many not have to do this if your bathroom is used by adults who use the ventilation consistently.  But if you have kids, you're probably going to want to do all you can to save yourself work down the road.  One thing my kids do manage to do consistently is leave the shower curtain open!

It's also best to paint with a semi-gloss paint so that you can wipe down the walls easily.  I won't show you a picture as proof, but little hands leave lots of fingerprints, especially in the bathroom.

Choosing the color for your bathroom is entirely personal.  However, I think I'll follow the tactics of beauty salons that use a pinky-peach, warm beige, or soft tan color, because those colors tend to make the clients skin look good in the mirror.  And I'm down with lookin' good in the bathroom mirror!  Who cares if it's all an illusion!

I once painted a bathroom bright yellow (so cheery, I thought), but it made me look like the walking dead (so creepy, I realized).

No one can have a good day lookin' like that in the bathroom mirror.  This time, the color we picked out is a warm beige, and I'm accenting with a forest green tile and dark brown accents.  I hope it makes me look good!  At least better than above!

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