Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Million Dollars

I like to play the game "If I Had a Million Dollars...".

It all started when my sister and I were young.  We lived out in the country on a dead end road, and we'd go for walks with my Mom and Dad and talk about what we'd do or where we'd go if we had a million dollars. Back then my dream was to have green corduroy Levi's or to be able to buy all the tootsie rolls I could eat.

Now when I play the game I have a little bit different list, and here's what it looks like today.

I would buy new stools for a little area of my kitchen here:

I would love a runner for my long hallway.  Kids, dog, husband... That poor stretch of carpet doesn't stand a chance!  It needs some help!

Because I'm generous with my fake money, I would obvioulsy buy the kids something.  The following chair - perfect for sleepovers AND homework!

And while I'm speaking of the kids, we all need a little reminder sometimes (especially those of us with poor aim):

And I need a place to relax!  Stickley has the best chair ever.

Where I would put up my new kicks:

I wouldn't leave Big A out of my shopping spree!

He has work to do: