Friday, February 14, 2014

Add a Warm Glow with Candles and Twinkle Lights ANY Time of Year

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Weekend! 

In keeping with the sentiment of the day, I thought I'd round up a couple of my DIY candle and twinkle light projects. Candles scream romance, and twinkle lights are the poster child for the holidays ~ but whether romance is on your mind or not, it's always nice to incorporate candles and twinkle lights in your home. I personally love the warm glow, all year round.

Both are warming yet happy at the same time.

This first Twinkle Light Canvas used to be in my dining room, however it now lives in my daughter's room, where she uses it as a night light.

candles, twinkle lights

The next twinkle light canvas I make will have a black background.

I made the glass bead and twine candle holder from an old hurricane vase. The glass beads really twinkle and add a little color to the candle glow. 

candles, twinkle lights

Painting glass jars, and either decorating them, or stenciling the makes a pretty candle holder. I love that you can see the tea light though the "K". 

candles, twinkle lights

GLITTER. I am in love with glitter. A little bit goes a long way, so I spare my husband and sons too much sparkle - but seriously, look how pretty. If you add a little jute or burlap, it tones down the whole "girly" effect enough to use in your day-to-day decor. In my humble opinion!

candles, twinkle lights

I put twinkle lights out all year. I love them tucked into a corner of a room. This is actually a large glass oil lamp that I emptied out and filled with twinkle lights. At night I turn off the lights in the kitchen and leave this on. It lights up the whole kitchen but looks in a very glowing soft light.

candles, twinkle lights

Painting the inside of candle holders or jars also create a really pretty glow, just like this
Faux Milk Glass candle holder!

candles, twinkle lights

These glitter candle holders go anywhere, and create the perfect centerpiece when lined up down the center of our table, or in a window sill.

candles, twinkle lights

I got this large vase at the Corning Museum of Glass. After I bought it I realized it was awkward as a vase with that small opening and large bottom, but I still loved it. In this instance I filled it with pine cones mixed with twinkle lights. As the seasons change you can add whatever you like with the lights. When Spring arrives (please hurry!) I'll change out the pine cones and tuck in some silk flowers.

candles, twinkle lights

Do you use candles and twinkle lights year round? If so, where do you tuck them?


Christine Vandormolen said...

you had me at twinkle lights...LOL...I LUV TWINKLE them all over my house all year long too.....thanks for these great ideas....Chrsitine from Little Brags

Crochet Hooks said...

Love the canvases (is that how you spell that?)! Some really great ideas, can't wait to paint my own vase too!

Julia Klimek said...

Thank you both for stopping by! Christine, I've been on your blog - I love using twinkle lights! One can never have enough twinkle!

Crochet Hooks, glad you are going to make one! :)


Amberly Steele said...

Love all of these beautiful lights! Would be a great idea to do this with a recyclable jar! ;)

Julia Klimek said...

Thank you for stopping by Amberly!

Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

Those are some great ideas! I never thought about using twinkle lights year round. I love the glitter and twine vases! Thank you for sharing these ideas as well as your awesome moose head art and blueberry muffins at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely weekend! ~Deborah