Thursday, March 19, 2015

What Does Your House Really Look Like?

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I like to keep my promises. And I promised Tammy at Taylor-Made Ranch that I would share what my house looks like during a week of projects.  I promised her because I featured her blog post The Truth Behind Perfect Facebook Posts at our party HERE.

Featuring her post meant I put an extra large photo of her cluttered busy kitchen counter on the front page of our party. But I liked her message. Blogger's pictures are staged. Some blogger home tours can make you feel like a complete failure as housekeeper, so let's get real.  Most of us are staging our homes and our photos. Behind the scene ~ it's chaos. 

So to make sure Tammy's not going to send a hit out on me for splashing her kitchen photo on my blog, I've posted a few pictures of my own home, in solidarity.

On any given day, my house is in various states of disheveled because of the projects I'm working on.

1. My living room.  It's winter and it's freezing and painting outside is not an options. So there's a giant blue tarp in the middle of my living room so that I can paint this little side table.

2.  My kitchen. My kitchen has it all.  Just look ~ band aids, bills, sunglasses, my wristlet, a car washing rag, paint brushes, and coffee. 

3. My basement. Always a disaster. I currently have 257 different painting projects going on.  Okay, slight exaggeration, but there are several.  My tools are everywhere, and my tool box is 2 sq ft of clutter (kinda like my purse). 

4. Back to the kitchen.  I always have my mop and broom for company. Kids tracking in snow and salt means it's a constant battle with the floors, so why put the mop away? See that cheese board? Was stained and drying in the kitchen for days. 

So Tammy from Taylor-Made Ranch is right.  We all post pictures as if our homes are spotless. (Okay, maybe some bloggers DO have spotless homes, and that's great.)  But for the rest of us, you see a photo of a pretty plant sitting in the kitchen windowsill next to the latest DIY vase, but if the camera was zoomed out, you'd see a sink full of dishes, the baby screaming and the dog throwing up.

Am I right?


Anonymous said...

If you zoomed'd also see me peering in your window 👀

Unknown said...

I don't normally publish anon comments, but it's nice to know someone is watching over me! LOL


Christine at Little Brags said...

LOVE IT!!!!! xoxoxo

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by Chrisine! xo to you too

Unknown said...

So true Julia! My house is a disaster. My garage is so full of unfinished projects in different stages of progress. My craft closet is spilling out from every seam, and my kitchen is atrocious! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't actually live in those picture perfect spaces lol.

Unknown said...

Amanda, LOL!

Redo It Yourself Inspirations said...

This is the very reason I was MIA all week. I had crafting and building tools in the kitchen; sewing in the dining room, and finishing furniture in the living room; all to clean out before weekend visiting family... and that bedroom was FULL of hoarded "to do" projects. I understand your home and it's beautiful. It's creativity! Love your post about it... you are brave!