Friday, March 27, 2015

Burlap Wreath For Any Season

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Remember when I hung a frame on the wall just to get it out of the way? And my son thought he was so funny:

So to show him how seriously I took his suggestion, I made a burlap wreath to hang in the frame. 

If you'd like to make one, you'll need:

16" Wire Wreath frame
6" Burlap Ribbon (get two rolls) 
Hot glue

You can see from the above photo, that this is simply a matter of using a wire wreath frame and looping burlap ribbon through the wire rungs.  But it's kind of difficult to explain! 

I'm not able to articulate exactly how to do this (I have a cold) but I will give you a link to a two minute YouTube Video on how to make the burlap wreath - HERE

Good luck making yours. What will you decorate it with? 


Laurie said...

Cute and easy wreath. Thank you for the tutorial. I have to say, when I saw the post about the note your son left, I was rolling! Have a great week Julia!

Unknown said...

Thanks Laurie! x