Thursday, February 19, 2015

Convex Mirror DIY

convex mirror, DIY mirror, home decor

I've been wanting a convex mirror forever.  An attempt at making one was was somewhat satisfying, and you can check out the tutorial HERE

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But not quite the look I was after.  And then on a recent trip around my local thrift stores, I found this clock with a convex face ~ I don't need a clock, but I do have looking glass spray paint.  $3 and the clock was in my car. 

I used painters tape to cover the wood frame.  

Using an x-acto utility knife, I cut the tape away from the face of the clock. 

I then sprayed the glass surface with three light coats of Rustoleum Looking Glass spray paint.  And now I have my convex mirror. 

convex mirror, DIY mirror, home decor

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Anonymous said...

This is Beautiful and a Awesome Upcycle too.Thanks for sharing and I will now look at clocks in a "New Way" Cindy