Monday, January 5, 2015

The New (Old) House

Helloooo! And Happy New Year!

As I mentioned, we have moved!  We moved into our new home on December 19th, which was ambitious. And made it a little bit crazy over the holidays.  Somehow, we managed to finish packing at the old house, move, unpack, and then shop and decorate for Christmas. Plus, my 13/14 year old son had his birthday Dec. 27th.   (Yeh, that was some bad planning 14 years ago!) 

My family ~ kids, parents, sister and brother-in-law, were so helpful ~ so, dare I say it ended up fun? We were so tired and stressed out, all we did was laugh!

Additionally, the old house is great shape and on the market. Fingers crossed.

So because it's been a long couple of months, I'm looking forward to the kids getting back into routine (read: me having some time to work on the new house and tackle some projects).  So, I'm back and I'm so happy you all stayed with me! As promised ~ a couple of pix of our new house!

The kitchen is pretty cute.  Smaller than I've been used to, so I'm now learning how to navigate, and avoid stepping on the cat, or bumping into my kids! 

The above picture is of the den.  The kids love the pass-through from the kitchen, so that I can hand them through snacks and drinks! 

As you can see, the walls are all pretty bare, but that's just a blank canvas, right? (My movers were complaining because I insisted on transporting all of my scrap wood with us! But I'm glad I stood my ground - look at all of the bare walls! Lots of space for signs and frames!)

The above is just a little corner of the den. I made the star last summer, but it got a little Christmas update with twinkle lights.  (For tutorial, click here.)

Meanwhile, what I haven't shown you - the disaster zones! 

I have a living room, which has no furniture in it, and is in desperate need of paint.  A kitchen nook which is pretty bare too.  The dining room ~ well, let's just say, BORING! The bedrooms are coming along, but each have their own challenges! We have a cute sun porch, a double garage, a shed, aaaaaaand a little workshop area in the basement! So although there's a lot of decorating and painting to do, I'm excited to have my own workshops ~ indoor and out.

So, stay with me! I promise more to come.  Tomorrow - my (newly) 14 year old son and I made a new coffee table tray that I'm dying to show you!

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Sherri S. said...

Happy New Year & hope your Christmas was blessed!

Oh, your new house will be great! Can't wait to see all you will do to make it yours!!! I love your star.


Unknown said...

Thanks Sherri! Happy New Year!