Friday, January 23, 2015

Replant Lucky Bamboo

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If you have a Lucky Bamboo, every couple of years you're going to need to replant it.  

We recently moved, as you all might remember, and in my infinite wisdom I decided to leave my plants at the "old house", so that they would add to the aesthetics.  Yesterday I stopped by the old house and let's just say, plants do not like being left alone in a cold house. 

After wedging them in the trunk I brought them home to assess the damage.  I decided that my lucky bamboo, now about 4 feet tall, which was wedged into a tiny vase, needed a fresh start.

But How to get the bamboo out of the old vase? I pulled gently and the roots were larger than the opening of the vase.  So I did the most logical thing I could think of, and put the vase in the kitchen sink and whacked it with a hammer.  Nothing. (Well there's something ~ there's a dent in the sink.)

Hmmmm.  I toyed with taking the plant and vase out to the driveway, and smashing it there.  Probably not a good idea. Proud of myself for averting a deflated ball  deflated tire, I ran down to the basement to see if I had something heavier than the hammer.  While down there I realized, I can smash it on the cinder blocks! I'm a genius! 

With the vase smashed to smithereens, I ran upstairs with my now naked lucky bamboo. 

Time for it's bath.  While humming Rubber Ducky You're the One, I gave the leaves a spray down, as well as cleaned the roots, using water that was about room temperature. 

Next I simply used a large glass vase, and river rocks (shocker - they're my new favorite thang) to hold the roots in places. 

It's pretty big.  I'm not sure where to put it yet, so it's gonna hang in a corner for now.  

I JUST remembered ~ I never swept the smashed vase in the basement. Better get on that. Have an awesome weekend! 


Carole said...

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Love smashing the vase - something I would do! Following you from Merry Monday!

Unknown said...

Hi Julia! Youre lucky bamboo transplant is one of my feature favorites this week on Two Uses Tuesday! I hope you stop by and link up. Link up 17 is a month long with bonus Pinterest link ups =)