Thursday, September 18, 2014

Recycle !!!

recycle bottles and jars, paint bottles, paint glass

Grab some bottles.

Clean them. (I know, that smacks of work, but carry on people). 

When they're clean, rub the outside of the bottles with rubbing alcohol, and let them dry.

Slap on some paint, and let that dry too.

Sand the H.E.double toothpicks out of it, and add some jute (if you're feeling adventurous).


(You didn't want an actual tutorial did you? Good, cuz I have a glass of wine calling my name work to do!)

1 comment:

Sum of their Stories said...

Whilst you sip your wine/get on with other jobs, I am guessing, Paint the glass, rub it with sandpaper, tie with twine - is that about it? Looks great btw, I especially like the bottles with writing and how that shows up. I'll keep my eyes open for and save bottles like that from the bin from now on.