Friday, September 5, 2014

Carry On!

You know I don't claim to be the epitome of health - Not at all. In fact I love a Big Mac, I adore lobster soaked in butter, I eat a bigger plate of pasta than most grown men would eat in two sittings....

BUT, I value trying to keep fit. For those of you who follow my blog, might remember I had pneumonia last Christmas, and I'm determined to never go down that road again. The only way I figure I can avoid that is by hitting the actual pavement, and staying as healthy as I can.

Because of my friend Stacy at, who shared some photos she took to make her exercise journey a little more fun, I got the idea to share some photos of what I see every morning on my travels.

I hope you enjoy these pix, or at least appreciate that one day I actually almost ran straight into a mailbox, trying to multi-task on the road! I did it for you! 

First things first, here's our house ~ this picture was taken just the other day - if you blow this up, ignore the plants I am slowly but surely killing...

I love the fence across the road from our house. Early in the morning it looks so pretty! 

The road ahead... 

I don't even know what's growing in the field below - soybeans? Either way, pretty! I'll look back at this picture when that field is filled with 3 feet of drifting and blowing snow! 

The next photo may not be that interesting to you. However, it's my favorite. This portion of the wood that I cut through is very dense ~ I head trough this area, a little on edge, hoping I never come across a coyote or a wild boar (both living in our area), but PRAYING I see Big Foot. (No such luck yet).

Lately, the farmers have been plowing the fields. It smells so good! Occasionally the farmer driving the tractor is easy on the eye... mostly, categorically, not. But that's OK. :)

Sometimes I'm super lucky to have this pretty girl join me! (Why the face? She just stepped on a slug! Hahaha!) 

Finally, a couple of days ago, I was moving along, and it was sunny but raining at the same time, and therefore: 

Looking at my own photos, which don't do justice to the actual views, I don't ever want to miss a day.

So what do you find inspires you to exercise? Why don't you join us and take some pictures of your area? Let me know if you post them and I'd be happy to link to you! Julia


Erlene said...

This was such a nice post. It was fun to follow you on one of your daily journeys :-)

Stacy @ said...

OH wow! I'm so glad you shared and I LOVE your house. I'm a plant killer too!! So glad you shared this. It's nice to be able to see a blogger's daily views.

Keep Smiling! ~Stacy

Unknown said...

Thanks my friends! I'm happy to have you and happy to share! Julia

Unknown said...

Hi Julia,
I love your post. Those are some beautiful sceneries. I need to exercise...but find all kind of excuses my I can't. I know I am ashamed. Thanks so much for linking this at The Southern Special.

Unknown said...

Trish! Funny! I wish we could go exerise together!!! LOL! Thanks for popping by! Julia