Friday, August 29, 2014

Dollar Store Sunburst Mirror (and Craft Contest)

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The host and co-hosts of the Merry Monday Link Party are holding a Dollar Store Craft Contest. Y'all knew that, right? Saw it on CNN? 

As a co-host, I thought I'd join in the festivities. So I bought a dollar store mirror (the back side of it pictured below), and decided to make a sunburst mirror for a half bath off of our kitchen. 

I really would like a convex mirror, but unfortunately they don't have them at the dollar store. Time for Plan B.  (Yes! It was a plan!!!) 

This classy green plastic dollar find came with those handy suction cups attached to the back. Nice, right? 

The first thing I did was cut them off with a utility knife. 

For the sun rays I used paint sticks ~ I have a bag full of them (don't we all?). I lay them out the way I wanted them, and attached them with hot glue, to a sturdy piece of cardboard, that I had cut into a circle. 

I then glued the mirror to the center of the "rays". (The mirror was raised about half an inch above the cardboard, but I didn't worry, I had the faint squeak of an idea.) 

Note: It would probably make sense if you painted your paint sticks the color you want them PRIOR to gluing them down. I am stoopid live on the edge, so I painted them after they were glued down. 

I first painted the sticks black, and then when that was dry, white. 

Once the paint was dry I sanded away some of the white, so that the black would come through a bit, and to give it a weathered look. I also made sure to sand down to the wood in other areas. 

Next I had to bring forth that squeak of an idea to cover the gap between the sun rays and the mirror. 

Enter twin, and jute rope (from the Dollar store, of course):

Wind and glue...

I like how it looks a little convex. 

To hang, you know the drill! Pop tops, glue and wire. 

And there you have it. 

sunburst mirror, DIY sunburst mirror, make a sunburst mirror, dollar store crafts,

(Mine sports a finger print on the bottom left, 
but you could actually clean yours!) 

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Erlene said...

Love it. You're so funny...CNN! I need to get my butt down to the dollar store too :-) and make something fun for fall.

Tracy Snyder said...

I didn't know about a dollar store contest...checking that out.
I made a sunburst mirror this week too. Although someone comment that mine looked like paint sticks I used shims. But same dif right? I wish I had a supply of paint sticks to use for all the great ideas like this.

Unknown said...

Erlene - :) you know your party is going to be HUGE! :)

Tracy, join in! I love the idea with shims!


Dawn said...

Cute idea, I love finding craft ideas that are cheap and easy.
Thanks for sharing with us at the Southern Special.
Spatulas On Parade

Marie-Interior Frugalista said...

Love it Julia and the coastal vibe of your mirror!
Marie@The Interior Frugalista

Lou Lou Girls said...

Beautiful! Pinned. Hugs! Lou Lou Girls