Friday, August 8, 2014

DIY Sunburst Mirror with Bling

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I made this sunburst mirror a couple of years ago, and I still like it. 

I know, sunburst mirrors are everywhere ~ in the shops, all over Pinterest and the DIY blogs. But, sunbursts are never going away. Never, I tell ya. 

So if you're bored, and you haven't made one yet. Do it! 
They're easy and fun to make.

  1. Find a round mirror.
  2. Flip it over.
  3. Use a hot glue gun to glue the sunbursts to the back of the mirror: paint sticks, BBQ skewers, twigs, chopsticks, wood shims, wooden dowels... you get the idea.
  4. Evenly space your sunbursts. (I didn't really need to tell you that, I know.)
  5. Cover the actual mirror with painters tape.
  6. Spray paint the sunburst mirror whatever color floats your boat.
  7. Bling it out with tiny round mirrors, or glass beads. 

Presto. Hang her up. 

**In the interest of complete honesty: Don't hang your mirror adorned with tiny mirrors on the wall across from the TV. It will reflect the TV shows in all of those little mirrors, and give you migraines, until you finally figure it out, and move the damn thing! 

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