Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm Thinking of Branching Out

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We have hundreds of trees, and therefore, there are millions of sticks and branches all over our yard. In the summer, Big A can mow over the little ones, but the larger specimens have to be collected and pulled to the side of the road for pick up. OR, they can be hoarded, and stuffed into a large bin in the basement, ready for inspiration!

I use some of my sticks and branches, and several vases are filled with sticks. They're somewhat boring simply left in their beautiful, natural state. With so many bloggers out there who have come up with clever ways to use branches, I'm going to round up all of my faves here, so that I have no excuse but to get moving with the creativity.

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1. The first idea I really want to use is the following. The use of a sturdy branch as a plant hanger is ideal for a space I have by my front door, that is very similar to the space in this photo. I would paint my branch black to match my decor, and I'd use a natural twine or jute.

Một số cách sử dụng cành cây hiệu quả khi bày trí nhà cửa - Trang trí - Ý tưởng - Sáng tạo - Cành cây khô
photo source

2. Rebecca at Older and Wisor has a great idea to use branches as antlers. OR, as she calls them "branchlers". Adorable. And they totally fit in with my love of animal busts, silhouettes, etc.

photo source

3.  Winter branches that are all glammed up - LOVE. Perfect for the holidays, but usable all winter long.  All you need is silver or gold spray paint, glitter, Epsom salts and glue.

Holiday Decorating: Making Sparkly Branches
photo source

4.  I love these duct tape winter leaves by The Nester. These would be perfect for winter, but you could also use different colors of duct tape for any holiday or season! Gotta love duct tape!

photo source

5. Simply spray paint branches for a new look.

photo source

6.  Here's a simple idea using branches on a blank canvas. I like this idea, plus it looks pretty easy to re-create. Just a matter of heating up the glue gun, and painting your branches any color you like.

Painted tree branches
Image is from Pinterest, with no link.

7.  Similarly, I like these flowering branches on canvas - the flowers would be cute using tissue paper.

Tree branch "paintings" - boards, paint, tree branches, fake flowers - waalah!
Image is from Pinterest, with no link.

8.  One of the cutest ideas I've seen is from An Extraordinary Day.  Flowering branches using book page flowers on branches. WHEN Spring gets here, I think this would look lovely in my kitchen window.

diy decor
photo source

9.  I adore this rustic looking wreath. The yellow fabric roses look beautiful with the branches.

photo source

10.  And speaking of wreaths, I want to make this very simple wreath. This would look great in any season, or you could easy to add a little color to the branches if "needs" be.

photo source

Do you have any ideas for using branches in your decor? I would love to hear about them! If you're interested in any of the above ideas, remember to go to the original sources for tutorials and in order to Pin.

Have a wonderful day!


Unknown said...

Awesome ideas I like and think that I'm going to try some in my home.

Thank you for sharing

jessica said...

Great roundup! Coming from Whipperberry.

Unknown said...

What neat ideas! I think I like the glittery one the best. :)

- Brooke -

Unknown said...

These are wonderful ideas! I especially love 7 & 10. Can't wait to use your ideas to repurpose some of the branches in my yard instead of just tossing them!

Coming at you from the SITS Comment Love Tribe!

Unknown said...

Glad to have you here Jocelyn!

When the snow melts, I'm going to have plenty of branches to play with! LOL!


Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

What a great round-up Julie! Thanks so much for including my book page flowering branches too!

Best wishes for an extraordinary weekend! [hugs]