Sunday, September 1, 2013

You Decide!

Old (boring) lamp shade! Glue gun! Ribbon!
I started out all full of beans.
lamp shade DIY, lamp shade upcycle, old lamp DIY
 But then it got gloomy outside.
And then I got hungry.

And now the beans are gone.

I'm beanless.

Fringe along the bottom? Cover completely with ribbon? Stencil it?
Help me! I'm having a very indecisive day! What do you suggest?
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Susan at said...

I always love fringe! If you have some try it out - doesn't have to stay if you hate it right? :)

Unknown said...

You're right Susan! I'm gonna add some fringe! Julia

Katherines Corner said...

fringe!! I hope you will share this post at my hop tomorrow Hugs!

Unknown said...

Thanks Katherine, I will be there tomorrow.

Amy@BuffaloRoam said...

I actually think it looks very nice as is!

Unknown said...

Thanks Amy, if only you could see it now - I keep messing with it - soon it's gonna be one giant mess of a lampshade! Will update - eventually! Might just rip it all off and go with twine all around... Hmmm.