Thursday, September 26, 2013

How To Make a Clock

I made a clock! Okay, rather, I sorta, kinda made a clock. I've been wanting to make a clock for some time. I've pinned a couple of ideas and had a few ideas of my own.

And then the other day, while cleaning in my 12 year old son's room, I found an old plastic clock, stuffed under his bed. I was loath to throw it away, so I took out the hands and clock motor thingy - (let's call it the clock mechanism).

I then threw away the carcass of the clock. Adios Amigos.

I took a wicker plate charger and shoved delicately inserted the hands of the clock into the clock mechanism in the middle of the plate charger. Obviously, the clock mechanism goes on the backside of the charger.

Hold on, I'm tired of saying clock mechanism. Let me go google what that thing is. 

Assemble the clock and its parts per the directions. If you order from Klockit, your assembly sheet will look like this.

Oh, I see, it's called a clock MOVEMENT.  I like clock mechanism better after all.

So, the clock mechanism goes at the back. Making a clock is so easy! Not only can you disassemble an old ugly clock and use the parts, you can buy a kit for a couple of bucks at any craft store.
(click image to buy one for $5.99!)

Also, you can use pretty much anything as your clock face. Record albums, wood, plates, serving platters...

I really liked my wicker plate charger idea because I didn't have to drill a hole! (I know, it probably saved me all of 45 seconds in my lifetime, but these things make me happy.)

I dressed up my plate charger clock with some glass beads that I bought ages ago at the dollar store.

In my picture you can see the clock mechanism through the charger, but I promise you can't see it with your nekkid eye. Especially if you look at it after two glasses of Chardonnay.

I like it.


Rhonda said...

I LOVE what you have done. You should come show off your creativity at Craft Frenzy Friday! It won't be a party without you!

Unknown said...

Thank you Diana! Rhonda , thanks for stopping by! I've linked up! Julia

Silhouette School said...

I love your clock! What a great idea to use a charger. And you are right on calling it a mechanism...I actually just made an oversized clock out of fence slates and since I didn't have a clock under my bed :) I had to buy the hands and mechanism. I would love it if you shared this project on our link party this week.

Unknown said...

Thanks Melissa! See you at the link party! Julia

Helle / A Spoonful of Crafts said...

How clever is that? Love it!

Allison @ said...

What an amazing job and so smart! I think that you went the right way using an old clock - way to repurpose. So glad Miss Melissa asked you to link up to Link It or Lump It and very happy that you did!