Monday, June 24, 2013

No-Sew Pillows

Hello and Happy Summer! It's the official beginning of summer, and it's going to be busy in this household in the next two weeks. We have three birthdays, three graduations, and a wedding. With it hotter than blazes, three kids at home, and the threat of thunderstorms each day, what's one to do?
(Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.)
When I have a little spare time, I love coming up with mini-projects, like this no-sew pillow, which only cost me a couple of dollars, and only landed me with a couple of hot glue burns - Bonus!   
I had two pillows, that were handed down to me from my mother. I love them because, well, they are from my mother, but I had to face facts: they'd seen better days, and they were ripping. So I decided to cover them, but keep them in tact. Here's the finished product:

Enter the hot glue gun. (Seriously, is there anything you can't do with the hot glue gun?).

Here's what I did to cover my little pillows.  Here is the original pillow:

I had two napkins, edged in beads from Pier One. I originally used them for no-sew curtains in my kitchen window. You can see them here.
I placed the pillow in the middle of one napkin and covered it with the other, like so:
I turned the edges down, and simply used my glue gun to seal the edges.

 They have a new home in the Adirondack chairs on our  covered front porch.
This is such an easy way to add some color to your outdoor furniture. As long as you have some old pillows, or find some at the thrift store, you could use cloth napkins, or tea towels from the thrift dollar store. Total cost, minus glue, is $2 per pillow!
Cheap and Cheerful!
(Note that I wouldn't use these outside unless under cover.)
What have you got going on this week?



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Susan at said...

Very cool! I think I must be a glue gun moron. I see tons of great glue gun projects, but find that when I try them the glue doesnt really hold up to use. I eventually gave up and only use my mine for temp tacking and armatures for sculptures. Maybe I just need new glue. :)

KMN said...

Nice! Awesome idea! Have never used a glue gun before but seeing a lot of projects requiring it lately. Will look into getting one.