Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ideas from Pottery Barn

If I had all the money I wanted I might just flip through Pottery Barn and buy whatever strikes me. That not being the case, I'll settle for flipping through their catalog and see how I can recreate their ideas.  Because there's no shortage of blogs giving step by step instructions on how to recreate Pottery Barn pieces, it's just downright silly not to try a couple of ideas.  It's just so fun!

And as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I'm sure Pottery Barn won't mind.

I have a couple of end tables that have easily removable glass tops, with pretty iron legs.  These glass top tables are a bit of a pet peeve with me. I'd love to replace the glass - not only are they covered in fingerprints, they seem to be magnets for cat hair!  Reaaaallly cool! This slate or stone top table gives me a great idea.


The Home Depot has the perfect sized slate pieces for about $15. The mixture of the colors would match perfectly with our walls and fireplace.

Moving into the dining room, Potter Barn shows this mercury glass chandelier.  I am going to replace my frosted glass shades with clear (only about $4 per shade at Lowe's), so that I can paint them to look like Mercury Glass.  To make your own mercury glass, you simply spritz the clear glass you want to change with water and then spray with Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint.


Big A is loathe to hang our TV from the wall.  So for now I have it on a similar sized unit as in the following Pottery Barn picture.  I love the way the TV blends in with all of the other decorations, so some re-arranging is definitely in my future!

The next picture also inspires me to do some rearranging.  I have a sofa in a bay window area and I really need a sofa table (read: old bookshelf that no one will ever see) for behind my sofa, so that I can add some visual interest there. I've been worried about blocking the view, but when I look at this PB picture, I see how much of a difference the lamps and greenery make being placed behind the sofa.

Oh, and see that coffee table? I've seen some pretty darn cute pallet tables on wheels all over Pinterest.