Friday, August 17, 2012

Hangin' Around

Well, this morning I had high hopes of getting into the garden and doing some more weeding.  Yes, I'm still weeding the garden.  It was overgrown with weeds and grass ever since we went away for a couple of weeks and deserted all of our new gorgeous plants.  I did weed some, but then the garden weasel broke!   So, Big A did some weeding for me, cuz I was very busy cleaning something...  You know, so busy, you can't possibly weed.

So today was my day to get moving in the garden.  Big A even bought me a new garden weasel!  (I just love saying "garden weasel").  So,after my coffee, I looked out the back door with great ambition:  Woohoo!  Weeding!  But, whoa!  Rain?  I can't weed in the rain!  Thank God it's raining!  Oh, darn, it's raining!   Guess I'll have to find something else to do...

So, here I am thinking about what I can accomplish now that it's raining.  Although I have an excuse not to weed, I do have to find something to do.  Even the little one is bored:

(Sorry for grainy cell phone picture.)
So in looking around the house, rather aimlessly, there are lots of things to be done, but one in particular has been bothering me - the cluster of family pix I put up at the bottom of the stairs. 

It does look better than nothing hanging there, however, as you can see I just tossed them up.  It looks sad and very unorganized. To top it off, I need more photos (which I have, but am "storing" under my dresser).  My first thought is that I need to paint all of the frames the same color.  For example, I like the following arrangement with the stencil:

And, I've been pondering making wood veneer flowers to place on the wall in between some of the pix.

Like this (from Jennifer Adams):

But I'm going to have to give this all some more thought.  What do you think?  Any ideas for grouping pictures?  Have you seen an idea combining family pictures with stencils or crafts?