Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Modular Home Extensions or Additions

No hair extensions here, only house extensions!  In the housing world, you may have the option of building a modular addition to your existing house.   I had a couple of comments recently about additions and garages, and there are modular home dealers that offer additions.  Waaaaaay cool!

In-law suites

Master bedrooms with bathrooms

Dining rooms


Garages with bonus rooms

Full second storys

From what I can see, the modular extension is just like a modular home.  It’s well-built, green, less expensive.  But the real, true, obvious beauty of the modular addition is the time savings.  Assuming you want to stay in your home while renovations are completed, the modular addition will take only days to set!  While renovations done the “stick-built” traditional way could take months.

Years ago I had a large addition put on my old house.  The addition was a full kitchen renovation, with the addition of a dining room/sun room combination.  It was beautiful when it was finished, BUT getting to that point was a long and arduous journey!  While the addition was being stick built, we had several weeks with no access to our kitchen.  Furthermore, construction took place in late winter (our thought was it would be done by Spring), and we had days that our only wall on that side of the house was heavy plastic sheeting.  In mid-winter in Central NY, with two young children, that was not comfortable. In the end, the entire process took about 6 months to complete.  We were cold, we were tired of noise and dust, we were sick of the invasion of privacy, and we just wanted our house back!

With a modular addition, just like a modular home, you are meeting with the builder and designing your addition.  The modular addition dealer will help you with all permits you will need, and checking your existing house before the addition project.  You will be advised along the way, and will order your addition and all the fixin’s.

Obviously your new addition will need siding, which will usually be left off the module and assembled at your property.  The module itself will be built in a factory and delivered to your house on a flat bed, and set with a crane.  The builders will handle all of the finishing touches, with the roof and walls all doing their jobs, so a freak storm can’t rain on  your parade!  Just like a modular home.  There will be minimal disruption to your life. How amazing is that?  It makes me want one!

If you actually need an addition and are looking into the process, I suggest you call various dealers in your area, or visit the following sites for a dealer in your neck of the woods:  or




(Module in the factory, ready to be delivered.)

Information or pictures are always welcome!  I would love to share more about modular additions!