Thursday, May 10, 2012

Do you want a garage?

Furthermore, do you want an attached garage or a detached garage?

The position of your home or lot has some bearing on your decision.  Your lot may not have the space for an attached garage, and only room for a small detached. Conversely, it may allow for attached, but not have room for a detached garage.  If you decide you need a garage, you may not have an option because of these factors.

If you do have options, an attached garage may be sensible for you if you are adamant about staying out of extreme elements. Of course, most attached garages have an entrance directly into the home, and this is convenient in inclement weather.  Furthermore, the cost of an attached garage can be less because the builder can make use of an existing wall, and use all of the same building materials he uses on the home.

Regard the size and shape of your home.  The architectural style may not be conducive to an attached garage. Plus, you may be able to place a detached garage in a less obtrusive part of your lot.

A detached garage should also be considered if it will be used as a workshop.  Any noise associated with the work being done, will not affect those in the house. As you can imagine, this could be a potential sanity saver! More importantly, a detached garage separates the home from potentially hazardous chemicals, or fires, if flammable or harmful chemicals are kept in the garage.  Because of this, insurance costs can be less for the detached garage.

On a not so serious note:

It recently came to my attention that garages were once intended to actually house AUTOMOBILES!!!  Lately they have become commonplace for many other purposes.  Here are some more common uses for a garage, in no particular order, in case you decide you need one:

* Instrument practice. (Very helpful when the player is a first year violin student! )

* Housing for a wet dog, a dog that chews, or a dog that has IBS.

* Motorcycle, snowmobile, go-cart workshop.  Oh sure, it’ll run...

* Woodworking or artist studio.  Showcasing ancient furniture, old plant pots, and broken picture frames...

* Giant beer cooler and/or TV room.  Hey, at least he’s home!

* Showroom for lawn appliances, sports equipment and children’s toys.

So, it’s up to you whether you need a garage, want it attached, or even what to a use garage for.  We do not, as yet, have our detached garage, because:

a.) we ran out of money, and

b.) we can’t agree on its potential main use.

Maybe I’ll get a CAR in mine!