Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Importance of Having an Interior Designer For Your Home

Many people dream of hiring an interior designer to decorate their home, but fear that these services are out of reach. Either they don't know who to hire, they aren't sure if they have the budget, or a combination of factors.
This article is going to explain the advantages to hiring an interior designer and clarify the benefits that you stand to gain as a client. From minor updating to major renovations, an interior designer can be a valuable asset to have on your side. Most people assume that you hire an interior designer for their expertise on design, but that is only one small facet of their service - although, a very important factor nonetheless.
Let's take a look at the many benefits interior designers offer their clients, starting first with the bottom line.

Interior Designers Save You Money

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "you have to spend money to make money." Well sometimes you have to spend money to save money. It sounds counter intuitive, but bear with me.
Interior designers have negotiated arrangements with a variety of vendors, allowing them discounts that aren't available for the public, in return for regular business. In general, the bigger your project is, the more money an interior designer can potentially save you.
A good way to gauge the quality of an interior designer is to make note of the relationships they have with different vendors. If they don't have a solid amount of go-to vendors offering reasonable discounts, they probably haven't been in business very long.

Interior Designers Are Resourceful

Through experience, interior designers have access to the best resources available. They can connect you with the best contractors and professionals in the industry.
Their connections range widely. They might introduce you to the contractor who builds a beautiful deck for your family to enjoy. Or they might be able to show you where you can buy designer fabrics at wholesale prices.
Similar to other trade professionals such as a CPA or Lawyer, you're hiring them for their connections, as well as their expertise. This saves you time and reduces the hassle and stress of finding these contacts on your own.

Interior Designers Make Your Dream a Reality

We all have this grand vision of how we want our home to look. But when we start going through the actual process of interior design, our vision starts to look more and more like a dream.
How many times have you clipped out pictures from design magazines, only to be disappointed by the prices or been unable to find anything that matches? Through their resources and experience, interior designers can recreate those stunning magazine photos in your own home.
The real challenge is that the actual dimensions in our rooms rarely match those that we are trying to emulate. This is where you need an expert to help customize everything for you. Often times, they'll suggest a solution that you enjoy more than the original.
An interior designer allows you to focus on the big picture and not have to worry about all of the messy work. If you're more of the DIY type who prefers a hands-on approach to everything, interior designers will help you step your game up. They'll be able to offer new ideas and share techniques that you're unfamiliar with. Even if you never hire them again, you will still be benefiting from their service.
Interior designer also help organize the entire project. In a major renovation, where do you start first? What order should you renovate rooms in? Which projects will take up the most time and interfere with your family's daily life the most? These are all questions that an interior designer can answer for you and help plan around.

Interior Designers Prevent You From Making Mistakes

How many times have you seen someone invest a significant amount of money into a trendy renovation that they regretted only a few years later? Too many times to count.
How many times have you seen someone take on a DIY project that they were not prepared for, only to end up hiring someone to fix everything they broke? These jobs make up a large percentage of contractors' work.
Hiring an interior designer allows you to skip all of this. There's nothing wrong with following trends, but you want to be aware of where you're at in the trend cycle. A professional can tell you if this trend is already going out of style, or if it is just getting started. Some people might not mind a renovation project every few years, but most people do. You should know upfront what you're getting into.
You'd be surprised at the number of interior designers that can do a little bit of everything when it comes to the physical labor part. They can save you a lot of headaches down the road by keeping you headed in the right direction from the start.
Ultimately, hiring an interior designer will save you time, save you money, and ensure that the job gets done right the first time.

Kyle Stout is a freelance writer based out of Dallas, TX. This article was written for

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